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IAQ-2: Continuous Performance Improvement Through Integrated Quality Assessment.

IAQ-2: Continuous Performance Improvement through Integrated Quality Assessment, a new American Hospital Association (AHA) book developed by the Hospital Association of New York State (HANYS), presents a model for integrating hospitalwide and medical and nursing staff quality assessment activities into a patient-focused system for continuous quality improvement.

This new book builds on the 1989 AHA/HANYS publication, Integrated Quality Assessment: A Model for Concurrent Review, which demonstrated the means for integrating medical staff review components of quality assurance with the data collection and review components of risk management, infection control, and utilization review.

The IQA-2 model adds several new dimensions. It incorporates discharge planning and medical record coding and diagnosis-related group assignment into the scope of an integrated system. IQA-2 also underscores the use of integrated, multidisciplinary, and collaborative approaches to examining the total patient care experience both in its incorporation of continuous quality improvement processes and in its utilization of clinical pathways. Although the new publication draws on key concepts from the 1989 IQA model, it approaches quality from a systems perspective, outlining proactive concepts in building quality in all of its dimensions into health care services.

After an introductory chapter recapping the original model and the rationale for the enhanced model, IQA-2 focuses on the roles of hospital leadership in creating a climate that makes quality the institution's first priority and in demonstrating involvement as well as commitment to making quality improvement a reality. Subsequent chapters explore in detail the new elements of the model, the new roles of both quality management and clinical staff in implementing the model and making the transition to patient-focused quality improvement, improved processes for credentials review and delineation of privileges, data gathering and analysis techniques, and basic requirements for effective reporting and information flow.
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Publication:Health Care Financing Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 1992
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