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I-Logix ships rhapsody 4. (Tools).

Rhapsody 4.0, is a new version of the UML based visual application development platform features a new intuitive user interface to improve usability, shorten the learning cycle and accelerate user interaction with the modelling environment so developers can build higher quality products faster. The solution also offers increased scalability, enabling large-scale designs to be constructed ,and together with support for all Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams, and scalable model organisation and storage capabilities.

Rhapsody TestConductor for embedded applications allows developers to assess the functional requirements of the product during analysis, reducing testing time.

New Rhapsody 4.0 features include: User Productivity/Enhanced User

Interface: The graphical user interface has been redesigned to increase productivity. By introducing a new workbook concept, developers can navigate between design views in each of the workbook pages. The new dockable browser now includes a filter so that all model information can be selectively displayed facilitating the understanding, navigation, and organization of large designs.

Complete UML Support: The deployment diagram is added. It is used to depict the relationship between hardware elements and run-time software elements and allows the user to draw the physical architecture on which the software will be executed. The full set of UML Diagrams is now supported.
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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