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I wish I'd never won pounds 11m Lotto, says sad lonely Karl; EXCLUSIVE: How jealousy makes life hell for jackpot hunk.

JACKPOT millionaire Karl Crompton regrets the day six Lottery balls changed his life forever.

Karl, who became Britain's fourth biggest Lottery winner when he scooped pounds 10.9 million two years ago, says jealousy and bitterness have made his life a misery.

Instead of enjoying a world of luxury mansions with the woman of his dreams, the 25-year-old hunk is lonely and spends much of his time watching a 10-year-old telly in the back room of his parents' modest semi - and lying on an old brass bed.

In his most honest and soul-searching interview, he told the Sunday People: "There are many times when I wish those six plastic balls hadn't come up for me. The worst thing is that people are driving me away from Blackpool where I was born.

"They are so bitter because this is where I was brought up and now I'm driving around in a nice car and flying a helicopter. They look down on me and think, 'You bastard - why was it you and not me'."

Karl has spent fortunes on himself, his friends and family.

But his pounds 48,000 lilac BMW is constantly spat at and urinated on and he's barely driven his pounds 140,000 limited edition Porsche. He fears it would be smashed to pieces if he parked it around Blackpool.

Recently, a girl approached him in a local pub and said: "Do you know something? You're a tosser." He had never seen her before

"I have to watch my back all the time," said Karl. "Blokes try and have a go at me so I have to go out in a big group of friends - some of them are quite handy lads. That's the only reason I haven't had a bad beating.

"I didn't go to town for a year when I realised how against me people were. I'd walk into a pub and the atmosphere would freeze.

"People would stare, point and start whispering but not in a nice way. It's always dirty looks and this seething hatred.

"Now I drive 20 miles down the road to Preston for a better atmosphere. People recognise me but don't react as badly.

"Everyone asks why I don't move away. It's horrible to live like this but my family and mates are all here. I refuse to be driven out by small- minded people. I won't let them get the better of me."

Hunky Karl added: "I'm going to spend a year travelling to get away from all this - but you can only go on holiday for so long and then you want to come back to your roots. I'm suffering from a form of racism and when people slag me off I always say, 'Do you do the Lottery?' They stutter a bit and usually say no but it's quite obvious they do."

Handsome Karl gave his mum, dad and brother pounds 1 million each, spent pounds 45,000 taking 15 mates to Hawaii and Jamaica and another pounds 10,000 on a trip to Australia for two family friends. He's shelled out pounds 320,000 on cars, pounds 50,000 on motorbikes and pounds 100,000 filling three wardrobes with designer clothes.

The chic clothes stay hanging in the wardrobes, however - as he prefers to wear old jeans and jumpers.

Karl also lavished gifts on his girlfriend Nicole Roach before they split up.

Now he is building a pounds 500,000 mansion near Blackpool but wants his brother to live there while he roams the globe.

Karl spoke about the long periods he spends at his parents home where his room is 12ft by 10ft with pink wallpaper and an old, green carpet.

"I am in a gilded cage and feel very lonely," he said. "The money has set me apart from people. I can do things now that my mates can't, yet I'd never get on with the kind of people born into this kind of money.

"I've been brought up with my mates and their houses and this is where I want to be. I have nothing in common with upper-class people who roam around Ascot in daft hats.

"Last week I flew to London in a helicopter and we stopped at a flying club full of upper-class people with posh accents. I stuck out like a sore thumb.

"I am just an ordinary lad who fortunately - or unfortunately - won the Lottery.

"I won't travel first class any more because I can feel them all looking down on me and thinking, 'He's been upgraded, he hasn't really paid'. So it's off to economy where I've always been and sod 'em all.

"I stayed at the Savoy in London and couldn't get a table because I didn't have a tie. What's the point of wearing a shirt and tie to dinner? You'd always be worried about your tie dipping in the gravy."

KARL added: "I'm used to a three-bedroom semi where you share a drive and can hear everything the neighbours are up to through the thin walls.

"I don't really know how to handle all this money and since the win I don't trust anyone, only my family.

"I often wish I could turn back the clock and change my destiny. Then I'd be able to meet a nice girl and find true love without mistrusting everyone.

"I may be buying cars, bikes, houses and going wherever I want. But there's a new loneliness that has come into my life. I'm too nice and kind for my own good. If my friends had won the Lottery I know they wouldn't have treated me to holidays - or if they had, it would have been Tenerife not Hawaii.

"My mum and dad keep telling me to stop spending the money on everyone else. But that's what I do and that's probably why I've got a ten-year- old telly and a stereo that's falling apart.

"Money can't buy happiness and pounds 11 million has not made me happy. I'm in the middle. Sometimes I'm pleased and sometimes I wish it had never happened.

"It brings you more problems than ever. I get a pile of mail that I have to go through every morning and I've got ten box files of all my investments stacked up in my bedroom.

"I've got about pounds 8 million left plus all the interest that has piled up. At night I lie in bed and think,'Why did this happen to me?'

"I'm meant to do something with this. I've been given this chance to do something special with it - but what? I can't find the answer yet."


HERE are the Top 10 National Lottery jackpot winners who were willing to be named:

1. Paul Maddison and Mark Gardiner - who won pounds 22,590,829 in June, 1995.

2. Terry Benson - pounds 20,088,838, July, 1995.

3. David Ashcroft - pounds 12,353,263, May, 1997.

4. Karl Crompton - pounds 10,903,198, April, 1996.

5. Peter Lavery - pounds 10,248,233, May, 1996.

6. John McGuinness - pounds 10,055,900, January, 1996.

7. Jacquie Green - pounds 10,055,900, January 1996.

8. Norah Kiellor - pounds 10,613,401, December, 1995.

9. Sean Taylor - pounds 9,512,277, May, 1997.

10. Ken White - pounds 6,624, 915, May, 1995.
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Author:Feinstein, Sharon
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 22, 1998
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