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I wept as George told of gay fling; MY ANGUISH: By Kirk Brandon's wife.

He wife of punk rocker Kirk Brandon vowed yesterday: "Boy George won't kill my marriage."

Christina Brandon told how she wept in court this week as a judge branded her husband a liar.

He ruled that Kirk did have a "passionate" gay affair with Culture Club star George.

Yesterday, Danish blonde Christina said: "It's every woman's worst nightmare to be told her partner is gay or is branded homosexual.

"But if anything it has brought us closer together. We have a strong, loving and happy marriage.

"No one - not even Boy George - can spoil what we've got."

She married Kirk, 40, singer with Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny, in 1994. They have a young daughter, Siff.

Christina, 28, first read of her husband's alleged affair with George, real name O'Dowd, in the gender-bender's 1995 autobiography Take It Like A Man.

Christina said: "I knew Kirk had been friendly with Boy George.

"But all of a sudden I was reading about this intimate, sexual relationship they were meant to have had together.

"I was in shock. I felt confused, betrayed, humiliated. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Then I felt angry.

"I didn't buy it - I didn't want the dirty thing in my house - but I rushed home to confront Kirk.

"This could easily have destroyed our marriage, but I know Kirk really well and I believe him when he says it's not true."

But on the next Boy George album, a track called Unfinished Business was about a "closet queen" who married a Danish girl.

The lyrics were printed over an early picture of George and Kirk together.

Christina says she was the laughing stock of Brighton, where they live, adding: "I couldn't believe how nasty and malicious some people can be.

"One man came up to me and said sarcastically, `Oh, so you must be George'."

Kirk sued for malicious falsehood. Already bankrupt, the decision was to cost him pounds 200,000.

Despite the ruling, Kirk maintains he is and always has been "straight". He plans to launch an appeal.

Kirk said of his ex-pal yesterday: "He behaved like an obsessed fan.

"He wanted me to be his boyfriend - and believed that's the way it was .

"He just wouldn't accept that I was straight.

"Once, he trashed my flat in a mad rage and laid into me.

"It was the reaction of a spoilt and cosseted person, who can't get their own way."

Kirk believes George's first hit, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, was written about him.

He added: "Christina and I are still here, still very much in love.

"I don't rue the day I met O'Dowd. I just feel terribly sad about what's happened to our friendship. It's a tragedy."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 2, 1997
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