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I was knifed for going to help man being beaten by thugs; 12?STRONG GANG WERE LIKE PACK OF WOLVES, SAYS GOOD SAMARITAN.

Byline: Emma Stone

A GOOD SAMARITAN was attacked with a knife after going to the aid of a pensioner who had been set upon by thugs.

The 30-year-old told the Telegraph how he was slashed six times by one of a gang of teenagers.

He intervened when he saw a man in his 60s shoved to the ground in Naul's Mill Park, Radford, Coventry.

He was sickened to see one of the youths urinating on the pensioner as he lay helpless on the ground.

The 30-year-old went over to the group and pushed that teenager away before helping the pensioner to his feet.

But he says the 12-strong group then turned on him like a "pack of wolves".

The man, who does not want to be identified, said: "A scuffle started and I had to fight them off. The leader then held a knife at me and started swinging at me.

"I managed to hit him and then another rugby tackled me to the floor.

"My bag fell to the floor and they went through it like scavengers.

"The leader then tried to stab me five or six times, thankfully he cut my coat and it didn't go any further.

"I was shocked at how brazen and ferocious the attack was. He didn't care if he killed me or not.

"They were like a pack of wolves. Three of them had knives."

Once the youths, thought to be aged between 16 and 18, had grabbed cash and items from his bag, they fled.

The victim managed to keep hold of his mobile phone, despite the efforts of the gang.

The man from Radford was left with concussion, a broken rib and grazes from where he was struck with the knife after the incident on Sunday.

He added: "I would do it again, I have been brought up to be well-mannered and respectful and I couldn't leave him.

CRIME the rescue "It makes you worry for the future if this is what the next generation are like. The leader looked like he threatened someone with a knife before and I'm sure he will do it again. Maybe the next person won't be as lucky."

The main attacker is described as being between 16 and 18 years old, black, 5ft 8ins to 5ft 9ins, wearing an oversized plain black hat with large peak, black trousers and a white top or shirt.

A spokesman for Coventry Police said: "Detectives are currently investigating the incident and are asking anybody who witnessed it to come forward." Anybody who has information about the attack is asked to call Coventry Police on 0345 113 5000.


SHOCKED: The victim of the attack doesn't want to be identified CRIME SCENE: The man was attacked after coming to the rescue of a pensioner in Naul's Mill Park
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 2, 2011
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