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I was asked to be a killer.

Byline: Pete Price

KATE Knight, the Wirral housewife found guilty of the attempted murder of her husband, reminded me of something that happened a long time ago.

I can't tell you everything but I will tell you they were a gay couple who lived together for about 10 years.

One of them was the life and soul of the party, the other was quiet, shy and very beautiful.

But then after a while everything turned out to be a lie in their lives.

We all thought they were a match made in heaven, little did we know the truth.

I'd been friends with them for about four years. We were on a night out and I hasten to add not in this part of the world.

We had gone out for dinner and finished up partying at a club.

People were milling around the bar getting drinks and there was just me and the quiet lad sitting down talking.

And he suddenly said: "I've always wanted you."

I was gobsmacked, thinking he was joking and very drunk, so just brushed the comment off.

About two hours later we were in the same situation and he started again. "Run away with me, let's live together," he said.

This time I started to realise he meant it and then he dropped the bombshell.

"Help me kill him and we will live together and split the money," he said.

I went cold and laughed it off but I was a bit shaken up.

Two days later he started again and this time I needed to know, was my friend safe or was I being set up?

Pardon the expression but they do shoot the messenger so I didn't know whether to tell his other half.

After a week of soul searching I did, but needless to say nobody believed me.

I also went and made a report at the local police station to cover myself and to protect my friend.

I walked out of their lives and never saw them again. I found out six months later they'd split up.

I'd been proven right and the police had been called in.

Other people had been asked to kill him.

Sometimes you really don't know anybody, do you?

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 14, 2008
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