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I was a sex symbol the moment I popped out of the womb.

Pop sensation Jas Mann reckons he's the sexiest thing to hit the charts in years.

And the Indian-born singer has grabbed overnight chart success - while wearing a sari and mascara!

Boasts blue-eyed Jas: "I was a sex symbol as soon as I jumped out of the womb.

"I love women and there's nothing better than knowing women are sexually attracted to me."

On stage Jas, 24, slips into saris made by mum Avtar, wearing mascara nicked from his three sisters.

Jas laughs: "Saris are really comfortable to wear, just like the kilt in Scotland, And a lot of fun."

Unknown just seven days ago, pop's latest overnight sensation is now celebrating his first-ever number one.

His group, Babylon Zoo, kicked George Michael's comeback disc off the top of the charts and into orbit with their debut single, Spaceman.

And they did it in style - by becoming the fastest selling record in British music history.

Now the rest of the pop world had better sit up and take notice.

Jas told me: "I always knew Spaceman would be number one because the pop scene is static.

"I'm the only person making music that hasn't been heard before. And I intend to carry on that way."

Instant success hasn't come easy. The Wolverhampton warbler, who still lives at home, says he sacrificed material wealth for a chance of pop stardom.

Jas says: "I had to sell all my possessions and clothes to afford to go into the record studios.

"That paid for my first demo tape which got me a record deal."

Along with 200 other music fans, I crammed into a tiny London studio at the weekend to watch Babylon Zoo provide their historic first-ever live concert - for Channel 4's The White Room.

And their performance showed the band have no intention of joining pop's long list of one-hit wonders.

The single Spaceman - cut by top producer Arthur Baker - has already been beamed into the nation's living rooms, thanks to the latest Levi's ad.

It features a rebellious alien girl returning home to her angry parents on planet Gallactica.

Mum and dad are furious because she has been on a shopping spree to Earth to buy a pair of her favourite jeans.

And 16-year-old Russian catwalk queen Kristina Semenovskaia looks stunning as she drops off the keys to dad's spaceship and wanders off into the purple sunset.

Yet Jas probably won't be seen dead in a pair of denims ... unless mum cuts them into a dress.

Now saris for men are set to be all the rage.

"Since I wore one on Top of the Pops, she's been inundated with requests from other people wanting to buy them, too."

Babylon Zoo is the seventh number one from the Levi series of TV and cinema adverts.

Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine was the first to reach the top 10 back in 1985, peaking at number 8.

It soundtracked Nick Kamen's sexy striptease in a launderette where he shrinks his 501s to fit.

But the chart-toppers began with Ben E. King's 50s classic Stand By Me two years later.

Steve Miller's The Joker and punk classic Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash followed soon after.

T-Rex topped the charts with 20th Century Boy in 1991, 14 years after singer Marc Bolan's death.

And unknown Scots Stiltskin rocketed to the top with Inside in 1994, for an ad showing Quaker girls spying on a sexy male bathing in a river.

The last Levi-inspired number one was ragga star Shaggy's Boombastic.

But Babylon Zoo have become the most successful of all-time with supersales of Spaceman.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Dingwall, John
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 23, 1996
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