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I want to stop cheating on her.


Dear Dr Cath, I'M getting married in two months but I'm worried because I've never been faithful, even to my fiance. She knows I've misbehaved in other relationships but doesn't know I slept with five women last year behind her back. I want to turn over a new leaf but should I come clean? Dear reader, IT sounds like you regret sleeping with these other women. Hold on to that thought. Make a mental note now of how much you love your fiance and how you don't want to hurt her. Make a note of this feeling because marriage can be difficult and there will be times when you're tempted.

If you really are genuine in turning over a new leaf then it's probably better not to reveal your infidelity. Your fiance would be understandably upset and may call off the wedding. If you find it difficult to mend your ways, consider counselling..
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 26, 2009
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