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I want candy; exactly where do I go?

Byline: BEST OF ... by The Register-Guard

Team Best of ... wasn't about to let recent alarm over childhood obesity stop it from endorsing the sacred Halloween candy-grubbing ritual called trick-or-treating.

We'll leave it to parents to dole out the big, sweet haul so it lasts until Easter. They also can filter out the razor-bladed or poisoned treats from the normal, tummy-ache-inducing type. Some say we live in a more dangerous world and trick or treating is getting less popular. How sad.

For them. More candy for us, suckers!

In theory, we believe children should stomp around their own neighborhoods delighting their own neighbors. In reality, if Mrs. Neighbor wants to see these Miss Muffets and Mr. Incredibles, she'd better start building a reputation as someone who puts out when it comes to candy quantity.

We know kids travel to ritzier neighborhoods than their own in hopes of gaining the Holy Grail of Halloween candy: the full-sized candy bar. But if the goal is total poundage, Team Best of ... doesn't necessarily agree this is the best strategy.

Solar Heights in south Eugene, for example, is rumored to hand out the full bars, but it's called Solar Heights for a reason: the houses are built onto hills. Think about how many snack-sized 3 Musketeers you could pocket in the time it takes you to walk the long driveways and steep staircases that so often accompany homes with views.

What's more, we believe (through no fair survey) that many people who live on arduous hills do so because they make a bunch of money in the medical field and are thus less likely to support giving out gobs of unhealthy candy. They might pull a trick of their own, such as giving out fruit snacks or brochures about tooth decay.

Um, can we say "missing the point"? Next house.

From years of trick-or-treating experience, we know that a decorated house is a generous house, which is why we chose the neighborhood along Fairmount Boulevard - particularly Moss Street between 19th and 20th avenues - as our favorite spot for free candy. This tidy block of homes has more porches and front doors done up with pumpkins and scarecrows than not.

We found plenty of other neighborhoods with one or two homes decked in decorations - for example, a house on River View Drive in Springfield converted its front yard into a cemetery with clever little gravestones, a big spider web and a werewolf in a lawn chair.

But it's too risky to plan your Halloween walk around such neighborhoods, because on the Big Night you might find half the windows uninvitingly dark.

This Moss Street block is a trick-or- treater's dream. The incline is manageable; it's a dense residential area of homes laid out in neat, straight rows; the holiday atmosphere is festive; and the locals are expecting you.

There's only one thing more to say: "Smell my feet, gimme something good to eat!"

For a year-round treat that won't make you fat, try munching on the Best of ... archive at


Fairmount area

Where: East Eugene, especially at the block between 19th and 20th avenues on Moss Street


Scary surprises await trick-or-treaters working Moss Street near 20th Avenue.
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Title Annotation:Columns; In one of the dirtiest tricks of all, Team Best of ... reveals where to get `boo-coup' treats on Monday
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Date:Oct 28, 2005
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