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I trust my Iestyn 100%; HE'S NO LOVE RAT SAYS GIRL.


IESTYN HARRIS'S girlfriend yesterday denied the pounds 2million rugby star was having an affair, insisting: "I trust him 100 per cent."

Becky Schofield, 21, hit back at rumours the couple had split because Harris had been seeing other women in Wales.

And she said they have no intention of quitting Wales for good.

The Welsh Mirror revealed yesterday how Harris was furious over false rumours of an affair.

Becky has spent the past two weeks at her parents' home in Oldham with eight-month-old daughter Catrin.

Her return to the north of England sparked speculation that the couple's relationship was on the rocks.

There were also fears Harris, 26, could follow his fiancee up north and quit Rugby Union.

But Becky laughed off the affair claims, and revealed how Iestyn telephoned her earlier this week to warn her rumours were rife.

Cradling baby Catrin in her arms, Becky said: "He phoned to say, 'Becky, there is a rumour going round that I have had an affair and you have gone home for good'.

"He was very upset and wanted to find out who had been spreading the rumours."

She added: "I never asked him if he is having an affair. He is never away from me apart from when he is playing rugby.

"I trust him, I don't have to ask him things like that. I trust him 100 per cent.

"You have to trust someone 100 per cent if they are away from home a lot. You can't sit worrying about it.

"I did not even bother to ask him if it was true, because I know it isn't.

"There is no problem between me and Iestyn, we are closer than ever."

Iestyn, who is still determined to find who circulated the rumours, added: "I rang Becky up just to explain what was being said and told her there was no truth in it.

"The stuff about having an affair is absolutely ridiculous."

Iestyn also said rumours he and Becky were fleeing Wales had been "utterly blown out of proportion".

As we revealed, she has been spending time in Oldham with her family after finding it hard to settle in Wales.

Iestyn's mum, Sandra, has also admitted her son has been unhappy lately, claiming: "I watched the Ireland game and all I can say is I have never seen my son look so down."

But Becky, who turns 22 on Tuesday, says she and Iestyn are happy - and are staying in Wales.

The couple will soon be looking for a new house close to his Cardiff club.

Speaking from her parents' home in Oldham, Becky said: "I have been up here with Catrin for the past two weeks but we are going back on Sunday.

"Iestyn was up here last weekend and is coming to get us both and take us back.

"I came back to see my mum and dad and family.

"Catrin has not been too well. She has been teething, and Iestyn is tied up with the Six Nations tournament at the moment.

"There was no point me hanging around to be on my own.

"It just seemed a good time to take a break and see my family."

The couple moved from their semi-detached home in Oldham to Peterston-super-Ely near Cardiff after Iestyn's switch from Rugby League last September.

Becky admits she has found it difficult to settle down since the move.

And she has missed being close to her family as she cares for the couple's young baby. She said: "I am only 21 and very close to my family, so it has been difficult.

"We bought a lovely house, but it is in a rural area and when Iestyn is away I am a bit isolated.

"The neighbours and the house are lovely, but it can be a bit lonely.

"It is just not right for me when Iestyn is away and I'm on my own.

"Catrin has not really seen any other children and is getting a bit clingy.

"But she is going to nursery three times a week from next week, so things should improve."

She added: "We are looking for a new house in a more populated area.

"There is no rush, but I know I will feel more comfortable with people around me.

"I don't really know that many people in Cardiff, apart from the rugby players.

"But those I do know have been lovely to me.

"Jonathan Davies and his fiance Helen have been lovely. So have Spencer John and Gary Powell and their families.

"I am only 22 next week so still very young.

"Catrin was only three months old when I moved away from home for the first time.

"It hasn't been easy but I am not leaving Wales, far from it."


IN LOVE: Becky, pictured with Iestyn, says rumours the rugby ace had an affair are rubbish
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 15, 2002
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