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I think Cheryl fancies me.. she's naughty; The ex-Girls Alouder, 32, talks Tumble, snogging bad boy Danny Dyer, Dyer, hideous fashion times and her special bum-groping relationship with Cheryl.


2013 This was when my boyfriend Mark was DJing in Vegas, so I went with him. I miss it, I'd love to go back. He's been out there again working, the lucky sod. I'm normally at home cooking if I'm not working. I do a good spag bol from scratch. I'm juicing a lot at the moment but I make a mean salad. Mark and I bicker about normal things, like his clothes on the floor. Will we get married next? I don't know but I'm not in any rush.

2014 The training for Tumble is hard. I can make myself feel very sick if I spin fast enough on the hoops. .ere have been rough days but when you get a breakthrough it's amazing. At the beginning, my body was trying to get used to muscles I never knew existed, so the conditioning was a painful time. Could I win? I like to think I would be in the top three.

2013 This was a sexual pose that ended up on the cutting room floor. I've only ever had two on-screen snogs and one was with Danny Dyer in Run For Your Wife. He's so nice, I know he likes to make out he's a hard man but he's soft really, he loves a cuddle. It was hard work doing it but we kept each other going with humour. I don't look like me at all, I think the cast were shocked seeing the real me at the premiere.

2002 The girls are going to kill you for this. I don't look too different at least, it's the others that will kill you. is was the Sound Of e Underground days. It was a total whirlwind. Some things we did, people still talk about and I just can't remember doing it at all - so much went on in 10 years. It always felt like a dream, even when we were at No 1 and on stage in our matching out fits. Don't laugh but the first thing I bought with my pay cheque was a PS3. Or a PS2 as it probably was way back then.

2002 Ugh, that out fit is horrendous. is was Day Zero for me. e beginning of the rst day of my life, really. I was bricking it. I went in with my karaoke favourite - I'll Be ere by e Jackson Five - and Davina said, 'Make sure you have a pop song, just in case'. Sure enough, they wanted a pop song, so Pete Waterman told me to sing Lasting On My Mind by Steps - so I burst into a Steps song. I remember seeing Nicola and Nadine singing on stage at bootcamp. Not the others though. is out is bad but it must have got me noticed.

2003 I think Cheryl has got a lesbionic thing for me. She probably secretly fancies me. She's always grabbing my bum and kissing me on stage, she's so naughty. I haven't spoken to her in a while but, of course, we're still friends. We all support each other. is was early days. I loved touring, I loved wearing all the mad wigs. It's the epitome of me - wacky. I've had a lot of hairstyles but I get very bored. Have I congratulated Cheryl on her recent wedding? Of course. I'm happy if she's happy, that's all I'm going to say on that one.

2008 The girls and I were all buddies with Take That. When we did Top Of e Pops our dressing rooms were always together, so we would hang out. ey're all a lovely bunch of lads. I love Mark Owen though. Look, he's practically the same height as us, bless him. After the Brit Awards, he and his mrs came back to our hotel to drink with us. at night was when they conceived their last baby, apparently. I've met loads of people at these kinds of events but I was star-struck by Tom Cruise. And I saw Cher in a restaurant once - but I didn't dare say anything.

2007 Russell Brand looks crazed in this picture, doesn't he? I was quoted as saying he had hair like a bird's nest and I don't think he took kindly to it, then we ended up coming face to face at Red Nose Day and making up. In the .lm Forgetting Sarah Marshall, there is actually a picture of us with our red noses together kissing and making up on his wall. I said the comment in jest but, come on, look at it. I think he's a great guy though but he is a natural flirt.
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