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I survived deadly kiss of sex-mad killer Black Widow; ORDEAL AT HANDS OF WITCH WHO LEFT FIVE DEAD.


A LUCKY survivor has revealed how he had a terrifying narrow escape from a double-killer Black Widow after he rejected her constant demands for kinky sex.

Peter Bakulinskyj believes he could have met the same fate as FIVE other men who died as they were enmeshed in evil Kathleen McCluskey's web of drugs, depravity and Devil worship.

Twisted McCluskey, 42, gave him a strange blue potion that knocked him out for seven hours - and when he came to he saw her enjoying sex games with her husband.

After the self-styled witch was convicted last week of two killings, 38-year-old Peter told The People: "Thank God she is behind bars. I'm sure she meant me to die.

"I dread to think how many more men might have died if she hadn't been stopped."

In an exclusive interview, former nurse and care worker Peter revealed how McCluskey:

-DRESSED as a schoolgirl with a ribbon in her hair, white ankle socks and short skirt in a bid to lure him.

-REVELLED in sex with strangers, including trans-vestites, and had a long lesbian relationship.

-JOINED a sinister black magic cult and encouraged friends to stroke a brass statue of the Satantic Goat of Mendez, the god of lust, in her home.

-FLAUNTED her ring-pierced body in a fetish-style leather basque which exposed her breasts.

When McCluskey lured Peter to her Cambridge home at Christmas 1999 she had already killed first victim Mohammed Assadi, 47, with a huge methadone overdose.

The artist died during an orgy with heroin addict McCluskey, whose husband, Old Etonian James Wormald, 51, got his kicks watching them have sex. Peter, who had known the couple for only a few months, recalled: "When I got to their house Kathleen sent James to the kitchen to get me a drink.

"He brought this tumbler of strange blue liquid but they didn't say what it was. I don't normally drink but I thought, 'It's Christmas, down the hatch'.

"That's the last I remember. I woke up seven hours later. I'd just been left there.

"When I looked around I found Kathleen having sex games in the bedroom with James. What happened to me was their sexual turn-on.

"I was supposed to be victim number two, their Christmas present to each other. I later found she really believed all this witch stuff and kept all sorts of drugs, pills and potions."

McCluskey had already pestered Peter for sex before their Christmas encounter.

He said: "She once greeted me dressed like a schoolgirl. She phoned 30 times a day, describing disgusting sex acts.

"She talked in detail about having lesbian sex. She and James also went to a transvestites' club and bragged about sex with people they met through contact mags.

"Once she was wearing a see-through nightie and literally jumped on me. She could not believe I had not fallen under her evil spell."

McCluskey took sick revenge for being snubbed by yelling abuse at Peter's mother - and offering sex to his bemused 82-year-old father. Police were suspicious about McCluskey's role in Assadi's death when she killed care assistant Marvin Brodie, 32, with a methadone overdose in June 2000.

Then Wormald killed himself before cops could quiz him.

Last year new husband James McCluskey, 44, and neighbour Raymond Diaz 48, also died from overdoses.

The Black Widow was charged with four murders. She was found guilty last week of the manslaughter of Assadi and Brodie, but cleared of killing McCluskey and Diaz.

She screeched abuse at Norwich Crown Court as she was led away to await reports.

Peter said: "She was cold, cunning and very dangerous. I'm so lucky to have escaped."


SUICIDE: Wormald; PERIL: But Peter lived; KILLED: AssadiVICTIM: Brodie; EVIL: McCluskey killed two men with overdoses
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 22, 2002
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