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I saw flames and banged on doors to get people out; BRIGADE PRAISES QUICK?THINKING DAD.

Byline: DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter

A HERO has told how he banged on doors to save the lives of tenants in a blazing block of ats. Mark Birchall, 22, even burst through a friend's door but an explosion or backdraught blew him backwards down a ight of stairs.

e ames had started in a second oor at in the four-storey block in Abergele Road in A Colwyn Bay at about 9pm on Monday.

Twenty-two reghters from two reghters from T Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Abergele were deployed to deal A with the blaze. A Rhyl-based aerial ladder was also used.

Tenant Steve Steve T Bonny, his two children and dog were out at the time but the re left his kitchenette gutted and neighbouring ats smoke damaged.

No one was hurt but a joint investigation into the cause by North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWF NW RS) resumed yesterday.

Mr Birchall, of nearby Sea View Road, said: "I was walking down Abergele Road and my A mate said let's go to Steve's. I looked up and my mate said 'e telly's on' and I said 'No it's not, it's ames. I went to the at door and got everyone out."

" Dad-of-one Mr Birchall was anxious to check if Stephen Bonny was at risk in theat.

He said: "Ste used to be my baby sitter. He's like an uncle. I thought my mate Ste was there so I booted his door through. e backdraught from the re blew me back down the stairs. I went outside and saw Ste there."

" "If I saw anyone's house onre I would have tried to save them.

"e police told me there should be more people like me. e re brigade told me 'Well done.'" ."

" Onlookers could clearly see theames through the secondstorey at's front window, above the Perfect Dreams Bedroom Furniture store, next door to the Cambrian Photography shop.

Mr Bonny, 41, had been returning home after visiting a friend. His daughters, aged ve and two, and his Staordshire bull terrier dog Bobby had been staying at his former partner's Cathrine Hession's house about 100 yards away.

Mr Bonny said: "I was walking home along Abergele Road and A saw the police outside the ats. I thought there had been an argument but Mark came up and said 'Your ats on re! Your at's on re!' "But every time I looked up I couldn't see anything because of the glare of the street light.

"en as soon as I covered the light with my hand I could see the smoke and ames."

He added: "If it hadn't been for Mark it would have been a lot worse."

A rst oor neighbour named rst oor neighbour named Daz lives directly under the blazing second oor at.

he said.: "e alarm went o then Mark buzzed to get everybody out. We also knocked on doors to raise the alarm."

en Daz and his girlfriend escaped to safety, but he added: "We went across the road and then the windows blew out. It was scary for my girlfriend."

" He praised the professionalism and dedication of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service. He added: "I have great admiration for there service anyway. "ey warned me my place would be sprinkled with water but they covered my electrical goods and clothes and even took the time to take my photographs o the wall."

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Mar 18, 2015
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