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I really hope this irritating Bug bites the dust; WEEKEND BUGS BBC 1.

Life is full of mysteries - like why has Bugs returned to a prime time Saturday night slot?

The BBC must really be badly off for half decent material if this load of tosh, which is barely adequate for what used to be called Children's Hour, can command such a prestigious place in the weekend schedule.

If you've never watched Bugs, you should count yourself lucky.

It revolves around trouble-shooters Craig McLachlan, Jesse Birdsall and Jaye Griffiths, who specialise in nick-of-time rescues.

They are a mixture of dare devilry and brain power - in this opening episode, McLachlan was seen tumbling from a high speed motor bike while Griffiths designed a revolutionary video camera the size of a wafer biscuit.

Our squad's aim this week was to render a bomb safe and prevent a secret cache of nerve gas - enough to wipe out London's West End, naturally - from going off.

I suppose we were meant to be on the edge of our seats. It's more likely that the dull drama would have sent viewers drifting into slumber land.

I can't think of another single example currently on screen which manages to combine such inferior material with so much duff, unconvincing acting.

A classic moment to illustrate how awful the show is came after a tunnel accident involving a load of dynamite.

After a cursory examination, boffin Jaye announced: "It looks like sabotage to me." Cue rolling- eyed amazement from the hard-headed construction boss.

"Sabotage?" he asked in a manner which suggested that he had no comprehension of the word.

Time to bring in the Bugs disposal squad for a clean sweep of the screen.

It's the only way that I can be assured that I will never again, even by accident, come into contact with this drivel.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Millar, John
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 21, 1997
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