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I notice that Ultimate Bone Support contains.

Q: I notice that Ultimate Bone Support contains an ingredient called osteogene--which conies from hops. Hops contains gluten, which celiacs like me need to avoid. Do I need to avoid this bone formula?

--R.L., Las Vegas, NV

A: You're right that celiacs must avoid gluten. But Ultimate Bone Support doesn't have any gluten in it. In fact, hops does not contain any gluten. Let me help you understand why.

Gluten is a protein in some grains that celiacs can't digest. If they eat it, they can damage the lining of their intestines and create a number of digestive problems. However, hops is a flower, not a grain. Therefore, it cannot contain any gluten. Only specific grains like wheat, rye, and barley contain the harmful kind of gluten that you need to avoid completely.

I'm aware that gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance (celiac disease) are common--even in many people who are unaware of it. So I'd like to assure you that there are no supplements either sold through this newsletter or talked about in its articles that contain gluten.

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Title Annotation:ASK DR. NAN; celiacs and gluten
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