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I never thought old age would be like this.

DOT Sheridan says Active Age in Clubmoor has given her the social life she can no longer afford on a state pension. The grandmother-of-seven has little to spare after buying food and paying household bills. She said: ``Being a pensioner is hard these days. I never thought when I was young it would be like this.

``I'd love to occasionally go to the theatre or out somewhere, but you can't afford it. If only we could get a little bit extra, just to make us feel more secure. ``I needed a new washing machine 18 months ago, and had to get my daughter to sign the repayment agreement. Pensioners are seen as a bad risk.'' The 64-year-old from Clubmoor, who has osteoporosis and curvature of the spine, says she was ``going down hill'' after her husband died several years ago. But Active Age, where she acts in the drama group, has given her a life back again. Dot gets a basic state pension of pounds 75.50, and her weekly bills are: Food and other household shopping bills - up to pounds 45 n Water rates - pounds 6 n Electricity and gas - pounds 10 n Telephone - pounds 5 n Insurance contributions for death policies - pounds 3 n Newspapers - pounds 1.60 n Total = pounds 70.60.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 17, 2003
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