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I loved the Doctor battling the Vords; Letters & Emails.

I loved the Doctor battling the Vords I REALLY enjoyed reading about William Hartnell, who played Doctor Who from 1963 in the series' early days.

My all-time favourite TV story with Bill Hartnell as the Doctor was the Keys of Marinus. They land on an island surrounded by a sea of acid and a chap called Arbetan sends them off with a useful invention called a Travel Dial, a bit like Star Trek's transporter.

They need to find the keys of Marinus before the Vords get their hands on them! They visit a society enslaved by talking brains, then man-eating plants, an Ice Age, then Malenius, where Mr Chesterton, played by William Russell, ends up accused of murder and facing a horrible fate.

The guardians/police officers reminded me of Victorian constables in their tunics but carried a death ray gun just in case they were ever upset.

As for Chesterton in court, well if anyone said the wrong thing then they faced two years in a glass factory.

I think that this particular outing for the Doctor deserves remastering in full colour as it is well worth watching!

Will the new Doctor ever visit Marinus I wonder? The best advice that I can offer the producers is to film it in Iceland. Marinus is that type of world!

John A Ridarta, by email

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Publication:Solihull News (Solihull, Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2018
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