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I love the magazines you and the gang put together every two months.

Dear Jack and Jill,

I love the magazines you and the gang put together every two months. I really like the things you put in from real kids like the letters and art. Please consider putting this poem into your magazine! Thanks.

Your friend,

Kaylin C., 10


   Ghost-Eye Tree

   The ghost-eye tree is twisted and free.
   The branches are spooky and creepy.
   The tree is mystical and monstrous.
   Moonlight is glimmering and glowing
   through the gnarly tree.
   The ghost-eye tree is spooky to see.

Hi Kaylin,

Glad you love the magazines! We love getting your art, photos, jokes, and poems and just hearing from you so we can share it all in the pages of the mag. You are so talented. Thanks for sending us your poem! It was super spooky.


Jack and Jill

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Author:C., Kaylin
Publication:Jack & Jill
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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