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I love America so much.


 I love America so much
 That I want to name myself Hamed Karzai
 I call all American dogs 'Sir'
 I put my children to bed day and night with the National Anthem of
 I even feel pity for John Walker-Lindt
 As soon as I heard Bush passed out, I passed out too
 I want Muslims to go to Ground Zero instead of Mecca

 I love America so much
 That I hate Vietnam and Palestine a thousand times more
 I wrote on my mother's tombstone who passed away years ago in Kabul:
 "Died on: September 11, 2001"
 I thank God a thousand times that Congo's volcanic eruption and
 earthquake did not take place in America
 I feel pity for the unexploded American land mines in the soil of
 I want to know what songs my neighbour's pigeons and canaries sing
 just in case their whispers may be
 I told my husband some of my students are slow in learning English:
 Aren't these clear signs of terrorism?

 I love America so much, I don't want anyone to know that, until
 yesterday, the leaders of the Northern Alliance used to call the
 necktie, "the sinful knot of Christianity"
 I wish that the Twin Towers of New York would be built on the spot
 of the destroyed statues of the Buddha in Bamiyan
 When I exchange the US dollar for Afghani currency, I shamefully
 apologize to the face on the dollar
 Ariel Sharon seems to be the most modest, handsome, and the best
 human being on earth

 I love America so much
 That I destroyed all the ant nests around my house, fearing that
 they may have been pathways to Tora Bora
 caves in Jalalabad
 Behind the bankruptcy of "Enron" I see Osama Bin Laden and Mulla
 Omar's hands
 I am not sure if I should cry of laugh at the death of Ahmad Shah
 Masoud, because Colin Powell has not
 stated a clear position
 I want to think like Donald Rumsfeld in my sleep and while awake
 I constantly whisper: A thousand Kabuls and Kandahars should be
 sacrificed for a hair of New York
 I want to write in Amid's Dictionary: terrorism means nagging at the
 United States of America

 I love America so much
 That I won't laugh at anti-American jokes
 I want to have as my last words before death: Pentagon, My Love!
 I whisper to myself that I wish Ghanoni and Abdullah knew English as
 well as Pervez Mosharaf
 I am so delighted that the acronym of my name is: F. B. I.

[Reprinted from: Shahrvand vol. 11, no. 663 (March 1, 2002), p. 44]

Farideh Bahar Ibrahimi

Kabul, Afghanistan
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Author:Ibrahimi, Farideh Bahar
Publication:Resources for Feminist Research
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:9AFGH
Date:Mar 22, 2004
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