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I learned to drink blood in Scotland; BY SATANIC KILLER.

Byline: ALLAN HALL in Berlin

A MURDERING Devil-worshipper known as The Bride of Satan claimed yesterday that she met vampires and drank human blood in Scotland.

Manuela Ruda then told a court in Germany how Satan ordered her and her husband to hack a friend to death with a machete and drink his blood in a grisly human sacrifice.

Ruda, 23, said she learned all about blood-drinking and Satan-worship on holidays in Scotland and England.

She and husband Daniel had wandered through "ruins and woodland with vampires we met there".

Ruda added: "We met many people in Scotland and England who offered up their blood to us to drink. In London, we connected with vampires.

"We drank blood from living people. I had fangs from animals implanted in my mouth to bite better with.

"We learned which veins to bite so it wasn't an artery we drank from. Later, I filed down my teeth to razor sharpness.

"We slept on graves. One time we dug a grave and slept in it, but I found I couldn't breathe properly."

Ruda and her husband are on trial for the ritual murder of Frank Haagen, 33, a former workmate of Daniel's.

She gave evidence in sunglasses, claiming: "The vampire in me makes me sensitive to light."

The couple lured Frank to their flat last year with the promise of a party. They butchered him with 66 machete blows and drank his blood in front of an altar topped with skulls.

Then they carved a Satanic symbol on Frank's stomach with a razor and burned his back with cigarettes.

Ruda said: This was the carrying-out of an action from our Lord, Satan. We must obey him. It was not a murder.

"We picked Frank up. He came to our apartment.

"We were not alone - there was a presence there, a powerful force.

"Then my husband stood up. He had terrible, scorching eyes.

"He hit Frank with a hammer. He pulled out a knife and I said, 'Stick him right in the heart!'

"Frank sank to his knees and I saw the light around him fade. That was the sign his soul had left for the underworld.

"We said a prayer to Satan. We were empowered and alone."

Afterwards, Ruda and Daniel made love in one of the silk-lined matching coffins they slept in. The court has heard Ruda can only become aroused in a coffin or graveyard.

Police who raided the flat found Frank's decaying body on the floor near a collection of knives, axes and machetes. They also discovered a list of 15 names, said to be those of future victims.

Ruda said she was "normal" until the age of 14, when Satan called to her. She began to dream about killing herself for her master.

She met Daniel through an ad in a newspaper. "We were the same," Ruda said. "We had super fun wandering through the cemeteries together.

"Daniel had a vision about the numbers 66 and 67. We married on June 6 last year and chose the sixth of the following month to make our sacrifice to Satan."

Ruda and Daniel believed they would be reincarnated as vampires. They sacrificed goats and chickens in woods around their home before turning to human prey.

The evidence at their trial, and their antics in court, have horrified ordinary Germans.

The pair have spent their time laughing and joking, sticking their tongues out at the judge and making obscene gestures to reporters.

They have become heroes to an estimated 6000 hardcore Satanists in Germany.

Their pictures are plastered across T-shirts and websites.

Authorities are concerned about the spread of Devil-worship among jobless youngsters in poor parts of the country.

It is believed at least 13 teenagers caught up in the occult have killed themselves in the Devil's honour.

Occult groups urge teenagers on the internet to commit suicide for Satan.

Goats' heads have been found after Satanic rituals and black mass candles discovered in graveyards.

A group of young people were found to have cut themselves and drunk each other's blood.

The Rudas' trial in the city of Bochum continues.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 18, 2002
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