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I just cried as it was such a happy moment and I've missed her for so long Jude Swinburn and her mum Judy Young before lockdown.


A MUM and daughter have enjoyed a tearful reunion - thanks to a PS25 PPE kit from Amazon.

Jude Swinburn burst into tears as she hugged mum Judy Young for the first time in nine weeks.

The pair embraced outside 63-yearold Judy's North Shields home last weekend, after donning masks, gloves and gowns.

"I've just been wanting to cuddle her for so long," said Jude, who revealed what her mum told her when they met.

"She just told me not to cry and that the suits were worth a million pounds."

However Jude's husband had ordered them online for just PS25 - and they are already one of the best things Jude's ever bought.

"I just cried as it was such a happy moment, and I've missed her for so long.

"People who know us know just how close we are, and my mum is really high risk so I just wanted to be near her.

"We are so used to being together so it has been the hardest nine weeks ever and I just didn't want to let go."

Even with PPE, Government guidelines state the deadly infection can transmit between two people if there is sustained face-to-face contact.

Experts believe that is around 15 minutes. As such, the pair hugged for less time than it took to get changed.

"It took five minutes to get fully kitted up, and our husbands sprayed the suits down with Dettol to make sure there was nothing on there."

And they wore the full gear - despite temperatures topping 20 degrees.

"I was red hot and afterwards I just said that my heart bleeds for these nurses who have to do this every day," added Jude.

The pair plan on hugging once a week while social distancing continues. Their next hug was due to be this weekend.

However, Government guidelines state relatives should not be touching each other if they live in separate houses.

While the rules have been relaxed to allow groups of up to six people to meet in public, they must keep two metres apart.

Despite that, Jude said it was a "minimal risk" she believes was worth taking.

"I felt confident that would be fine," said the 40-year-old.

"My mam was really starting to struggle and get a bit down, so she needed this."

Jude Swinburn and her mum Judy Young before lockdown MOMENT MOTHER AND DAUGHTER REUNITE AFTER WEEKS APART

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2020
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