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I just can't wait to be a disco diva; Former S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens tells MARION MCMULLEN why she's ready to reach for the stars ... and sequins.


Are you looking forward touring the country with jukebox theatre show Rip It Up The 70s? I'M SO excited. It follows the success of Rip It Up The 60s and I went to see that show recently. (Laughs). My husband just turned to me halfway through and said 'Good luck'. It's just incredibly energetic.

I absolutely love it. It's one of those feel good shows and people are up on their feet by the end of the night. We're going back to the 70s and it's amazing how many songs you know - songs by David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Stevie Wonder, the Carpenters, Abba, Elton John, ... so many.

I think it's one of the best dance shows around and I'm so excited to be part of it. I can't wait.

Are you turning disco diva? ABSOLUTELY. I can't wait - the sparkle, the glitter, the flares. The 70s is one of my favourite decades and I love all that Studio 54 era.

And as for the fashions, well, I've already bought a pair of sequinned trousers and I'm so inspired by them. I'm having so much fun ... and I haven't even started yet.

I love songs like Saturday Night Fever, Midnight Train To Georgia, Soul Train.

What's it like being part of the show's supergroup? I'M really excited to work with Olympic gymnast Louis (Smith) and Melody (Thornton). Lee (Ryan) I know from back in the day when I was in S Club 7 and he was in Blue.

It's going to be really fun working with him and I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot from them all. I'm going to throw myself into it.

You enjoyed massive success with S Club 7, but how did it all start for you? I THINK it must have been from my first concert, when I must have been about nine or 10 years old, and my mother took me to see Kylie.

I couldn't take my eyes off the stage and I thought 'that's what I want to do when I grow up' and I got to do it. I got to live my dream. I was a huge Kylie fan and I still am.

You partnered Vincent Simone on Strictly Come Dancing. Are you looking forward to putting on your dance shoes again? STRICTLY was more than 10 years ago now - I can't believe it - and I have wanted to do some kind of dance show for a long time. This came around at exactly the right moment.

It's going to be challenging, but I relish a challenge ... and I need the fitness boost after coming back from my summer holidays. I'm not a trained dancer, I never went to drama school or anything like that, and Strictly was the most amazing experience.. You are learning different routines every week. It was very different from the dancing I did with S Club 7. People assumed with a pop background it was going to come easy, but that really wasn't the case. It was all totally new to me.

Have your daughters Amelie, nine and six-year-old Minnie inherited the performing bug? BOTH my daughters are into music. They are always putting on shows for us and like to sing and dance. (Chuckles) Amelie, my oldest, for sure is going to be a singer. She's really passionate about her singing and when she's on stage she's so alive. It's incredible to see.

When I did panto last year, we had a whiteboard with everything on like when mummy is going to be working and where she will be. I'll do the same this time and I'll go home every night after the show when I can.

They are my priority and I have a great support network. My parents and my husband's parents live nearby and everyone mucks in.

You're 41 now. How do you stay in shape? I'VE always worked out and I've always tried to stay fit. I've started doing a form of pilates called Raw Pilates which I absolutely love.

I also like walking and I like swimming. I find relaxing exercises work best for me and for my body rather than high impact circuit training.

And dance is the best thing.

I would say that to everyone. I was training so many hours for Strictly and it does makes you feel good.

It's the best exercise and you're enjoying yourself at the same time as getting fit. Now I'm going to be dancing every night with the show.

Are you good when it comes to food? I THINK we are lucky that we are so much more educated now when it comes to food. We know what's really good for us.

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com for details.


Rachel Stevens can't wait to work with Lee and Louis
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