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I hope he will treat them the same way they are treating him.

By Jihad El-KhazenAaAa If I were to grade the outcome of Barack ObamaAAEs work in the first hundred days of his term, I would give him over 80 per cent, or a B+.Aa He is a successful manager and has proved himself to be pragmatic, and yet he is also a man of principle. Although he makes concessions on matters of secondary importance, he does not do so on those of primary importance, particularly when it comes to the headlines used in his election campaign. He succeeded in making Congress approve a $787 million economic stimulus package and in expanding the government health insurance to include children despite the opposition of some Democratic members of Congress. In one hundred days: - He kept the promise he had made during the electoral campaign to give priority to dialogue and compromise.Aa - He announced the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. - He withdrew troops from Iraq. - He released torture documents and caused widespread anger. - He alleviated restrictions on stem cell research. - He paid visits to Europe, Turkey, Iraq, and Latin America. - He promised to launch a green revolution. - He dismissed the CEO of General Motors. - He called for an agreement banning weapons of mass destruction (WMD). - He challenged Somali pirates. - He extended his hand to Muslims, and reiterated that the United States is not the enemy of Islam, after we had heard George Bush speak of Islamofascism.

Aa- He secured an extra $83 million budget for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aa- He secured for Pakistan a $1.5 billion yearly assistance over the coming five years.

Aa- He submitted a $3.5 trillion budget with $1 trillion deficit. - He managed to make Congress enact key legislations (such as womenAAEs right to take legal action against companies not paying them salaries equal to those earned by men for the same kind of work.) Despite all of the above, the first hundred days had their share of problems and mistakes, particularly with respect to key appointments. Former Senator Tom Daschle withdrew his candidacy for Secretary of Health and Human Services after he had been targeted by a campaign based on financial misconduct. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner was targeted by a campaign after it turned out that he did not pay taxes, but he got away with it. Charles Freeman withdrew his candidacy for the National Intelligence Council after he had been targeted by an aggressive campaign mounted by IsraelAAEs spies, without the new administration lending him the support it should have.Aa Even Obama himself made unjustified mistakes despite his famed intelligence and cautiousness. He made blunders in TV interviews he could have done without, and in dealing with the crisis of the automobile industry when he said that he saw Aoglimmers of hopeAo in the US economyAua fact which was denied by his opponents and some of his allies. Reviving the ailing US economy remains the most important task to be fulfilled by President Obama throughout his first mandate. His opponents who are behind the economic crisis are conducting a bitter campaign against him in such an impudent manner that they are blaming him for their failure. This is despite the fact that he has been in power for three months while they had ruled for eight years during which they wrecked the US economy, along with the countryAAEs reputation worldwide. I have read about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which included 8,500 participants in Washington and was held for the purpose of reorganizing the ranks of the Right against the new administration. Among the attendees were the same faces that led America to destructive wars for the sake of serving Israeli interests. They included Joe the plumber and Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician and maker of the Fitna film, as enmity to the Arabs and Muslims is at the basis of the activities of the US lobby and Likudists. Radical John Bolton, who is rather IsraelAAEs, not the US, representative to the Security Council said that Obama would be president for only one termAureflecting his wishful thinking. As for AobarkingAo radio host Rush Limbaugh, he said that he wanted Obama to fail, which means he wanted his country to fail. David Frum decided that the neocons could come back and asked them to raise their voices. This radicalAAEs fame goes back to the phrase the Aoaxis of evilAo he wrote for George Bush, although he had originally written the Aoaxis of hatredAo which was later modified. This means he lives on two words which are not his.Aa Perhaps I can add Fox TVAAEs incitement against the new president, its call on people to demonstrate, and the media campaigns mounted by the Right or the Likudists in the liberal media. Radical Charles Krauthammer assaults Obama in the Washington Post, while gang leader William Kristol is doing the same thing in the New York Times. Even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) criticized him simply because he asked both parties for confidence-building measures. I believe that Barack Obama knows his enemies. I personally hope he will treat them the same way they are treating him, since they are the enemies of America and all of humanity.Aa Al-HayatAaAaAaAa

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Apr 27, 2009
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