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I have never Ben so lonely; Says Holby star David.

Byline: Steven Hendry

HE'S Holby City's new heart-throb, a young star on the rise in one of the BBC's biggest shows, but David Paisley needs some convincing.

The young Scots is delighted with his role as midwife Ben Saunders, the new face on Holby's busy maternity ward.

But David, right, finds life in London torture and misses his native Glasgow and his partner Alex.

The 22-year-old has been living in the Big Smoke since October. He said: "It's a good part in a good show, but I find being away from home and Alex hard. And I don't like being in London too much. Apart from that, it's great!

"London is a big, unfriendly international city and it's just not my place. But it's the same as anybody going to a different city to start a new job - I didn't know anybody when I came down, so I had no friends, no social life.

"It is beginning to improve and I'm becoming more comfortable. The rest of the cast have all been really welcoming. I only really have scenes with the folk in the maternity department, but they were all quite new so we have bonded well and go for the odd night out."

Baby-faced David shot to fame two years ago when he played a gay schoolboy who had a torrid affair with an older policeman in controversial clubbing drama Tinsel Town.

He said: "I quite enjoyed the scandal. It's not like it was anything people had not seen before and won't see again. It just did not seem that outrageous to me." David is gay in real life, just like his character Ben in Holby City. But despite such high-profile roles, he has no fears of being typecast.

He said: "I've had small parts in TV shows like As If and I did a trilogy of plays between Tinsel Town II and Holby City and the characters I played were straight."

David was studying for a degree in physics at Glasgow University when he got the part in Tinsel Town and has had no formal acting training. He has worked almost constantly since, but wants to finish off his education.

He said: "All my friends from university have now graduated and are getting proper jobs - and I still feel like I'm skiving.

"I'm probably going to go back and finish my degree part-time while I'm doing Holby.

"But acting does feel like what I want to do for the rest of my life. If I'd been at drama school I would probably be a lot more confident in saying that."

In the meantime, the part in Holby City has given David's mum, author Janet Paisley - whose most recent book is called Not For Glory - some peace of mind.

He said: "When I took up acting she just thought I wasn't ever going to work. Now I am just trying to convince her to write me a one-man show."
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Title Annotation:TV Preview
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 10, 2002
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