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I got right into the swing of things on my footgolf debut; LETTER FROM AMERICA.

Byline: Scott MALCOLM'S

Trying a new game suited me to a tee this week as I got the chance to combine two of my favourite sports - and beat my mates playing it.

I'm talking about footgolf, a game that's been gaining a lot more popularity here recently and something I was always eager to try, especially as I love both golf and football.

I can certainly say it never disappointed. I had such a great time. It had you thinking like you would during a normal round of golf as well as the enjoyment of getting to welly a football or a more cultured shot around trees or using the slopes of the course.

I have to admit for something that was meant to be a little bit of fun, I did get really into it and my competitive side definitely came out.

I was reading putts like I was playing in The Open as well as driving low shots or floating them using the wind like you would do when playing golf normally.

With it being my first round of football golf I was walking away rather chuffed with myself after beating my two friends comfortably as well as shooting an under-par round.

I might have even found myself a career after football.

It's also good to see that even in America they called it footgolf.

Maybe there is hope that they will eventually realise the rest of the world use the word football and Americans will stop using the word soccer - although I'm not holding my breath for that.

Especially since I'm living in the South and they take their American football seriously here.

Speaking of the South, it's been a big week here politically with calls to remove the Confederate flag from state buildings.

I only have to scroll down my Facebook timeline to see people sharing newspaper articles or having heated debates. Facebook has turned into the House of Commons for me.

The South is a very traditional place and their views on certain things can be seen as old fashioned to outsiders.

Before moving here I simply saw the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism.

But as this debate has been going on I've taken more of an interest in how people here view their history and the importance of this flag in their culture.

Lots of Southern people are unhappy about losing the flag.

As an outsider I've been speaking to my friends about it and some of them believe the flag isn't racist and it was just racist groups who adopted it and tainted the actual meaning and honour of the flag.

Many Southerners see the flag as a symbol for those who died in the Civil War and as a relic of history.

They feel taking it away is wrong as it takes away from their free speech and First Amendment rights.

It has certainly been intriguing hearing how varied people's opinions are here and how different they are to the normal opinions of British people as a whole.

Even just driving around during the last few days I have noticed an increased amount of Confederate flags on show.

I guess it is a form of protest and to show their support in what they believe in.

'' '' been speaking to my friends I got into it. My competitive side came out. I was reading putts like it was The Open

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 5, 2015
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