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I get a bloody nose about once a week. How can I stop a bloody nose? What can I do to prevent them?

Dear Dr. Cory:

I get a bloody nose about once a week. How ran I stop a bloody nose? What can I do to prevent them?

Michaella Matt

Berkeley, California

Dear Michaella:

Nosebleeds can be caused by many things. Swelling or irritation inside the nose due to cold or allergies can cause nosebleeds. They can also be caused by injuries to the nose or by breathing cold or dry air.

People who have frequent nosebleeds or who bleed heavily during a nosebleed should see their doctor., He may need to examine your nose to check for small, easily broken blood vessels.

If your nosebleeds are caused by allergies, your doctor may advise you on how to reduce the dust in your house. He may also recommend the use of saline nose drops.

If breathing dry air is causing your nosebleeds, it may be helpful to use a humidifier in your home. A humidifier replaces moisture in your house which can be lost during the winter months. It is important to frequently clean a humidifier with detergent and water to prevent the growth of harmful molds. Vaseline applied to the center wall of your nostrils also helps to relieve dryness.
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Title Annotation:Ask Doctor Cory
Author:SerVaas, Cory
Publication:Children's Digest
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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