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I get a big kick out of shoes; Your Sex Doctor: MY FOOTWEAR FETISH IS TAKING OVER.


Dear Dr Cath, I HAVE a fetish for shoes. For as long as I can remember I've got sexually excited by the feel and look of high heels. I have about 300 pairs at home and I treasure them all. But my obsession is now affecting my work life. I'm an interior decorator and I've even stolen shoes from my clients. I've lost girlfriends due to my odd desires and don't want to lose my work too. How can I control this urge and can you tell me where I can buy sexy shoes to fit me? Dear reader, YOU need to get your shoe fetish under control. While there's nothing wrong with getting a kick from shoes, there is something wrong if your passion is making you break the law. Many people have a fetish and shoes are a common fetish object. The term refers to sexual pleasure derived from an inanimate object.

Fetishes are thought to start during sexual development as a teenager when you may have learnt to associate ladies' shoes with pleasurable feelings. You need to get your desires under control.

Talking though your desires with a psychosexual counsellor or a psychotherapist may help. By understanding your fetish more you may be able to get control of the urges so you can enjoy them in your private life without them threatening your livelihood.

Buying your own selection of shoes may help too, as you will have a ready supply to satisfy your urges without the need to steal.

The internet provides many places you can buy sexy shoes in large sizes. Take a look at www.xtremefootwear. and to find a counsellor in your area take a look at


Shoes are a common fetish object... especially sexy heels
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 21, 2010
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