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I feel sorry for parents of firework trouble-makers; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB.

PARENTS - well, I hope you are proud of the offspring who committed all of those atrocities on Bonfire Night!

A lit firework in a homeless man's pocket, attacks on our emergency services (I hope they are not there when YOU need them!) and all the other stuff that went on.

As a 70-year-old mother and grandmother, I know you can't watch your children 24/7, but I do know that mine would NEVER have behaved like that!

You need parenting classes. I feel sorry for you.

Mrs Terry Jones, address supplied Stop fairytales I AGREE with Douglas Higgins in his letter about fireworks (How will it help? November 6).

It is time local authorities stopped telling us fairytales like the "gold hotel" they are planning to build opposite the Royal Hospital.

We in Kensington have to walk dangerous paths to the bus stops because pavements are broken by the cars continually parked on them.

They need to come down from cloud-cuckoo-land. The elderly are in continual danger. Mrs BV Butler, Kensington Action on parking IT IS always dangerous to quote someone out of context. So, the ECHO story on pavement parking was simply wrong to suggest a "U-turn" (U-turn on pavement parking crackdown, November 6).

Far from retreating from cracking down on pavement parking, our officer was highlighting that we have decided on a more comprehensive approach.

Quite often, drivers think their parking only has a minor impact or doesn't matter much anyway. However, pavement parking in many locations across the city is unnecessary and can have a big effect on other road users, including pedestrians - especially vulnerable road users like the elderly, people with prams and those with disabilities.

What we are sure of is that we need to do more than just issue fines alone. We need people to be aware of the consequences of their actions, so that they don't commit the offences in the first place.

We also want, as part of the city conversation, to get communities involved in helping tackle some of these difficult, long-standing problems. We are also clear, though, that penalty notices will be issued where necessary and have been recruiting to help us do just that.

I have highlighted, as with many of the problems we face, there needs to be three strands to our approach: Engineering to build an environment that works; education so that people are aware of the impact of their actions and the options they have; and enforcement to penalise those who wilfully disregard the rules. This was highlighted at the meeting reported on.

Far from a "U-turn", we are actually taking more action to create a better city.

Cllr James Noakes, Cabinet Member for Highways, Liverpool City Council Lost to the EU WITH Brexit, there is a lot being made of the fact that it was mainly the older generation who voted to leave and the younger generation, who never had a chance to vote, who will bear the consequences.

What is not mentioned is that the same older generation were once the younger generation who believed all the lies told by the then Tory Government to get them to vote to join.

After 45 years, we have seen what the Common Market has done.

Closed the mines; closed ship building; sold off the utilities; closed British car-makers; closed docks.

We are becoming a nation of shop-keepers, if they stay open. We don't even build our own trains and we invented them for the world.

If the younger generation get an undemocratic second vote and vote to rejoin the EU, will they get a once-in-a-lifetime referendum when they are the older generation? D Kent, Whiston Iniquitous regime I VOTED to leave the EU, not just because of the immigration policy, which needs to be controlled, but also because of the iniquitous regime in Brussels.

Which other organisation would you deal with that hadn't had its accounts satisfactorily audited for 25 years? Which other organisation would you deal with that spent many millions of pounds to move its organisation down to Strasbourg each month, just to satisfy the French? Which other organisation pays out expenses without a supporting receipt? The whole outfit is operating in a way that we should not be associated with.

I voted to join the Common Market in 1973, understanding that it was an extension of the EFTA organisation we were then part of. Since then, we have been bombarded with a huge amount of regulations involving virtually everything in our daily life.

We in the UK tend to abide by the rules, but many in Europe bend or ignore them to suit themselves. Consider the French objecting to our export of UK lamb and setting fire to the wagons carrying the lamb, and the recent scallop wars.

If we stay in the EU, we will have more and more laws and regulations imposed on us, probably having to drive on the right and possibly losing our Parliament to a Parliament in Europe in time.

If we succesfully negotiate leaving the EU, there will be at least two other countries and probably more waiting to leave.

This is why they are making it very difficult for us.

KN Bryan, Liverpool Rod for our backs? YOU kindly published a contribution of mine a year or two ago, in which I prognosticated that we would never truly extricate ourselves from the EU.

I am now convinced of the aforementioned, to which one must add the unhealthy uncertainty surrounding unfolding developments over the next few months.

Could it be that we have made a rod for our own backs by turning those same backs on the European Enterprise? Derek Jeffery, Heswall Time to move on ALTHOUGH I had been a customer of Barclays Bank for over 50 years, this did not stop me moving my account over to the Nationwide, once Barclays closed their Old Swan branch, as not all so-called tech upgrades are for the customer's benefit.

Since moving my account, I now realise that I am still with Visa, as I was with Barclays, only now I'm getting a better service from Nationwide.

But, I might add, that if the Nationwide decides to close its Old Swan branch, I will not hesitate to move to another bank in the future.

So, if an old war-horse like me can tell the banks where to go, so can you.

Who knows, we may end up with only one high street bank, but it will be a profitable one, with lots of customers, as long as we all stand up and say enough is enough.

Joe, L13 Thanks for help MAY I say thank you so much to all the kind ECHO readers who donate pet food to Carla Lane Animals In Need, Spurriers Lane, Melling.

These lovely, kind people keep all the homeless dogs and cats well fed until they can find a new home. On their behalf, thank you so much.

R Baines, Skelmersdale

If we succesfully negotiate leaving the EU, there will be at least two other countries and probably more waiting to leave. KN Bryan, Liverpool

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Date:Nov 9, 2018
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