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I fear that babysitter can't handle son's tantrums.

Dear Coleen, I HAVE a four-year-old son who can be very naughty and difficult when it's time for bed.

It means I've never used babysitters much and it drives my husband mad because we've barely been out on our own since he was about two.

It's not actually my son I'm worried about - I'd be more concerned about the babysitter not being able to handle his tantrums. What should I do? I feel my relationship is suffering and we need to have more nights out as a couple.

Coleen says.. IF you feel you need that time with your husband then you need to bite the bullet and start booking babysitters.

Leave your son with someone you really trust, preferably a relative who loves him like you do, to give you peace of mind. Start slowly by going out for a couple of hours and then you can build up to a night or a weekend away.

Ultimately, your marriage will benefit and it'll be healthier for your son, too. If he's with you 24/7, he will cling on to you for dear life as he gets older, which could become a problem in social situations or at school.

Also, kids have far fewer tantrums when being looked after by other people. They just don't play up in the same way.

As for the babysitter, don't worry too much about them. The thing that keeps you going when you're babysitting is that you know you can hand back the kids in a couple of hours.

You need to let go a bit. Your son might enjoy being looked after by his grandparents or aunties and uncles.

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Date:Aug 6, 2014
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