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I fail to be alarmed by wind turbines.

SIR - Michael Williams writes of wind turbines as a visually intrusive blight in certain special landscapes (WM letters, September 25).

I can't share his sensitivities. I've recently visited the Outer Hebrides, a landscape dotted with small scale turbines. This was no blight, but a welcome alternative to energy from fossil fuels, which in some cases used to be oil delivered by truck.

In general I, and many others, fail to be alarmed by wind turbines. They compare pretty favourably with other artefacts we tolerate for the sake of modern living. Being white they blend with the horizon, take up little land mass, make little noise and no fumes, and when in years to come are superceded will leave the landscapes they occupied unchanged.

And crucially, they don't blight the atmosphere with excess carbon dioxide - which is what it's all about because if we don't get our emissions under control there may in the future be many landscapes left ineradicably blighted by a changed and hostile climate. Possibly including Pembrokeshire National Coastline.

John Parker Cardiff

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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