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I dug up Bronze Age sickle on allotment; GARDENER'S AMAZING FIND.


A GARDENER has unearthed part of a 2,000-year-old piece of a tool - believed to be a Bronze Age sickle - on his allotment.

Ralph Chaplin, of Llandudno, has handed over the piece to Llandudno Museum..

Retired firefighter Mr Chaplin, of Nant y Gamar Road, Llandudno, was digging on his 10ft x 20ft vegetable patch in Bryn Euryn, Rhos on Sea, when he found the relic in January.

He has now handed it in under the Portable Antiquities Recording Scheme, which was set up to encourage the voluntary recording of archaeological finds by members of the public. Museum staff are looking after it temporarily until its age can be verified.

The allotments are owned by Conwy County Council, which will also need to be consulted.

Mr Chaplin said: " I usually find rocks because it used to be a limestone quarry.

"I was digging quite deep one day and turned it up. I thought 'that's interesting'.

It looked greeny-blue because it's got copper in it. My daughter said it looked like part of an axe.

"I put it in my rucksack but it was a long time before I managed to drop it into the museum."

Expert Bob Barnsdale, believes it could be part of tool called a "ring socketed sickle" from the Bronze Age.

Bryn Euryn has a rich history. It a sixth Century hillfort once stood on the summit, and it was the site of a 14th century house called Llys Euryn. BBRROONNZZEE AAGGEE FFAACCTTSS Bronze age man 1. The Stone Age came before the Bronze Age, which was followed by the Iron Age. 2. The Bronze Age in Britain lasted from 2500 BC to about 800 BC. 3. Historians think it began when visitors from Continental Europe introduced bronze tools and weapons 4. Before coming to Britain, the Bronze Age was already in full swing in Europe. 5. True bronze is a combination of 10pc tin and 90pc copper.


Ralph Chaplin with the find from his plot at Bryn Euryn, Rhos on Sea (below)
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2012
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