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I didn't kill my lover & baby..I was on a date; MIRROR FINDS MURDER SUSPECT; Brit says he is innocent over Jasmine & Aliyah.


A BRITISH man suspected of killing his lover and her baby in Canada claims he could not have done it because he was with a new girlfriend at the time.

Robert Leeming, 34, has been named as the prime suspect in the murder of lodger Jasmine Lovett, 25, and her 22-month-old daughter Aliyah Sanderson, despite no bodies having been found.

The pair were last seen at his home where they lived on April 16 and were reported missing when they did not show up for a family dinner a week later.

Ms Lovett's bank account was last active on April 18 when her card was used for an online purchase.

HGV mechanic Leeming told police he went for a picnic with the pair on April 17 in the Bragg Creek beauty spot at the foot of the Rockies.

He said he last saw them on April 18 before going out on his date with his MISSING new woman. He Lodger Jasmine told the Mirror at his home in Cranston, Calgary, yesterday: "When I last saw Jasmine she was fine.

They were both sitting down here. I went somewhere else and they weren't here when I came back. I left to go and see another girl. I've not been seeing her that long.

"That's not what she [Ms Lovett] has told her family so obviously that makes it very difficult. Jasmine told her family we were together more than what we actually were or are.

I've been dating [the new girl] for a few months."

He said he and his missing lodger were "friends", adding: "We got on really well. We helped each other. I'd take care of her kid and she'd help me with my kid."

Leeming, from Marlborough, Wilts, was arrested last Thursday and released on Friday after questioning.

He was allowed back home on Monday after police searched his home, removing his grey Mercedes SUV and electronic items.

Looking dishevelled and with bloodshot eyes at his home yesterday, Leeming Lovett said he had been drinking for three days and his few friends had deserted him. He added: "No one's knocked on my door. If they were friends they'd be here."

Leeming claimed police told him he was free to travel, but he has "no intention" of returning to the UK.

As forensic work continues, police in Calgary say he may have tried to burn evidence after the mother and daughter's disappearance.

They said: "Through the investigation, police believe the suspect may have attempted to destroy evidence related to the homicide by means of burning, some time between Tuesday, April 16, and Saturday, April 20, in the area of Bragg Creek, Elbow Falls, Priddis and/or East Kananaskis."

Staff Sergeant Martin Schiavetta added: "We have learned that items may have been purchased which would destroy evidence."

Yesterday it emerged that Leeming's ex-wife Sara said she feared for her and their son's lives as their fiveyear marriage ended last year.

She was even allegedly told by a worried marriage counsellor that she needed an "escape plan".

"I went somewhere else and they weren't here when I came back ROBERT LEEMING TELLS THE MIRROR HE IS INNOCENT


FACE TO FACE Leeming talks to our Christopher

SCENE Police outside Leeming's home

MISSING Lodger Jasmine Lovett

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:1CALB
Date:May 3, 2019
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