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I couldn't watch as my Pete destroyed himself; EXCLUSIVE: PETE DOHERTY'S SCOTS LOVE OPENS HER HEART.


THE SCOTS love of Pete Doherty has revealed for the first time why she walked out on him - because she could not bear to see him be destroyed by drugs.

Singer Dot Allison looks remarkably like Kate Moss with her long blonde hair and dreamy green eyes.

But Dot revealed the supermodel has vetoed the release of a secret duet she recorded with Pete, titled I Wanna Break Your Heart.

Until now Edinburgh-born Dot has remained silent about her relationship with Doherty, her former lover and collaborator.

But the soft-spoken, willowy singer has revealed she has an entire album of exquisite duets with Pete sitting on her laptop waiting to be released.

Dot faltered as she tried to explain that it's not the right time to release these songs because Pete isn't well.

But she admitted Kate is blocking it.

In spite of being one of the world's most attractive women, Kate is said to be deeply jealous of Pete's beautiful and talented ex-girlfriend.

Dot, 37, former singer with One Dove, has also toured with Massive Attack.

She said: "Pete and I wrote a batch of great songs together two years ago. He's a very good writer and poet. But they can't be released at the moment.

"The situation is Kate has banned him from releasing them. That's what I've been told.

"Most of them are strummed on acoustic guitar, really beautiful duets.

"We were going to release an album of duets but it has been put on ice because of what's happened to him since. He's not well, is he?

"Our single, I Wanna Break Your Heart, was just about to be released but now it's not. Hopefully we'll be able to release it one day."

Dot was with Doherty for two years before she regretfully walked away fom him.

She said: "My heartbreak with Pete is about where he's at in his life, because he can't connect.

"Me taking care of me was to move away because when someone's in that space you can't do anything for them.

"Until they've quenched it, done it and exhausted it, you're actually powerless. So I'm not still there going, 'Oh please, do this, do that, Pete.'

"I had to detach from Pete. To stay and collude with that on any level was to enable him and that's something I'm not prepared to do. He has plenty of enablers around him.

"It also saved me, because it's painful to be watching somebody doing that.

"While we were together, I was desperately trying to get Pete to go to Narcotics Anonymous.

"My role in Pete's life was the light. I kept trying to say to him, 'Come towards the light' and he just wasn't ready to do that.

"His mum knows I was that person in his life. I can't say anything positive about drugs at all. They are very destructive.

"I'm not going to do that self-destructive thing. It doesn't appeal to me. Pete's situation is a tragedy. "I'm a health zealot. No drugs, drink a bit, don't smoke - for the voice you can't - and no all-night parties and binges. It just wouldn't be me.

"I care for myself, eat organic food, watch a lot of films, and take in the world.

"My idea of quality time is to watch movies and be with friends rather than sit in a pub mindlessly." Dot has just completed a solo album of love songs called Exultation Of Larks and says it's her best ever.

She said: "I feel like I've come of age as a writer and a singer.

"I wanted to write an album of songs that are heartbreaking and from the heart.

"I've had my heart broken, and there's a sort of a medicine in writing a song.

"Everybody understands loss, it's the nature of being alive.

"This album is a cry from the heart or the soul, the essence of something very pure. I've got all the chattering out the way."

Dot has a strong sense of responsibility as a representative of Scottish female artists and is proud that she has never compromised on what feels right to her.

"I've never posed in a bikini or played the game," she said. "I've stuck to my guns about stuff like that and it's felt like swimming against the current.

"There's been pressure to become glossy and glamorous but when I've been asked to pose in a bikini I've said, 'Just forget it.'

"Would you make one of The Chemical Brothers pose in Speedo trunks? I don't think so.

"I've remained true to myself as an artist and aligned myself with other female artists who haven't sold out to being fluffy, like PJ Harvey, Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris.

"I'd like to represent women who listen to their inner voice, don't abandon themselves, don't put up and shut up just because someone says they should.

"Fame scares me. I could cope with being a Nick Cave type of artist in terms of communicating with people but remaining private. I'm quite shy so my personality would jar with being hugely visible."

Dot admits to feeling sentimental about Scotland and often homesick.

"It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I love the people," she said.

"There's a warmth of spirit but also quite a self-effacing side to them, a humility which I think is very endearing.

"I would like to live in Scotland again but it wouldn't be realistic work-wise. At times I've been incredibly homesick though I go home regularly."

To listen to and reach Dot Allison, go to

I tried to say,' Come towards the light.' He wasn't ready

I've had my heart broken.We all know loss



Jealous: Kate Moss with Pete Doherty
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Date:Dec 17, 2006
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