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I cheated but is girl taking me for a ride? Life, love and angst Anne Diamond answers your questions.

Byline: Ask Anne

Dear Anne

My girlfriend and I split up a couple of months ago because I was stupid and had a fling.

Now I'm doing everything to win her back and we are seeing each other almost regularly again.

My friends think I am stupid because I am making all the effort by taking her to dinners and buying her presents. She is just accepting what I do for her.

They say that she is now just leading me on. I don't know if they're right or not. I want her back but am I really being stupid?

Anne says

You're not being stupid, you're being romantic and also quite determined.

The big question is - are you realistic in thinking you can return your relationship to how it once was, before you strayed? You also have to properly figure out why you had that fling.

Were things really that satisfactory between yourself and your girlfriend or were you, perhaps, feeling that something was missing? My pals I'm stupid buying and win back Did you want more and your relationship was, even back then, a little more one-sided than you were prepared to acknowledge? girlfriend I had a I applaud your ambition to win her back - it shows a real sense of commitment. But often friends - if they are real friends who want to see you happy - can be more objective and it might be wise to listen carefully to their fears.

Bottom line is, you and your girlfriend should talk, talk, talk.

Be up front and honest that you don't want to make all the running and sincerely want a full relationship again.

And then ask her to be honest with you. Does she want the same? Or is she merely playing with you while she makes up her mind what she wants to do? after fling Even though you are trying to make amends for having that fling, no relationship should be one-sided.

My pals think I'm stupid for buying gifts and dinner to win back my girlfriend after I had a fling

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2018
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