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I can't believe library has been shut.

HAVING waited patiently to get Bank Holiday Monday out of the way, I travelled into Birmingham on Tuesday, December 29, to visit the Library of Birmingham.

I was intending to carry out some family history research, and it was with disbelief that I found the building was closed, with a scruffy A4 notice on the door stating that the library was shut until Monday, January 4. Birmingham is not the second city but the 'second rate' city.

While we gathered our thoughts, people were constantly trying the door, then walking away in disbelief.

It is fully accepted that the building would be closed for Bank Holidays but, as a public service, the library should be open other days so that those who normally work full-time can use their holiday for study and research.

To compound the situation, the Library of Birmingham website showed normal opening hours with a note, in red, for New Year's Day saying "hours may differ".

You bet they may.

It's not good enough, Birmingham City Council.

The website should have bold lettering in red 'Library closed until January 4, 2016' to keep the public informed.

A Robinson, Walsall

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 2, 2016
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