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I WON'T TAKE A BREAK.. Magician Keith vows to carry on after injuring foot during TV stunt.


MAGICIAN Keith Barry has vowed the show will go on after breaking his foot in a TV stunt.

The hypnotist and mentalist has been sporting a foot brace after snapping a metatarsal bone in his left foot.

But the 39-year-old insisted the injury won't stop him taking to the stage this week for the remaining shows in his Out Of Control tour.

Keith told his Facebook followers: "Busted up after an accident rehearsing a stunt for one of my TV shows next year. Better change the method for that particular stunt."

But the entertainer urged fans with tickets the shows would go ahead despite his injury.

He added: "Only eight gigs left and that's it. Just a broken metatarsal - nothing too serious.

"Down but not out. I'll be jumping around the stage for my Out Of Control show in The Glencarn Hotel on December 28, no matter what." It is understood Keith sustained the break while rehearsing a risky routine involving kettle bells and a pair of concrete boots.

The popular entertainer will travel the country this week for gigs starting in Monaghan tonight, followed by performances at venues in Sligo, Waterford and Portlaoise.

But he won't be turning to any psychics for advice about his ailment.

Keith revealed he was disturbed by a recent case involving a psychic and a cancer patient. He added: "Please, please, never take medical or any advice from a so-called psychic.

"As magicians and deception experts we have studied psychics and their techniques for years. I am not here to preach - just to inform.

"If you visit psychics please do yourself the favour of educating yourself in psychic techniques so you can make an informed decision before listening to their 'advice'."


RECOVERY POSITION He posts photo of broken foot online last week


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 28, 2015
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