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I WAS A LADY WITH SLIM SHADY; Girls tells of night she spent with US rap star.


A SCOTS student has told how she spent the night with rap star Eminem after he romanced her on the main stage at Gig On The Green.

Joy McAvoy, 20, was chatted up by the rapper during a break in his headlining act on Saturday night.

As the Slim Shady star waited to go back onstage, he invited her to party with him.

The couple then kissed and hugged in Glasgow's Cube nightclub before Joy went on to spend the night smooching with him in a city centre hotel.

But Joy, from Drumchapel, Glasgow, last night insisted she refused to sleep with the star on their first date.

Now she is hoping Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers III, will return to Scotland later in the year.

Joy said: "Eminem told me we would meet up in the future, which is a nice thought.

"He and I swapped phone numbers and I got all his e-mail details as well. It means we'll be able to keep in touch. He was really lovely. He is very attractive.

"When we went to the Cube, it was obvious to anyone there that there was a spark between us.

"I was quite surprised he picked me because there were so many good looking girls there.

"I was wearing the same clothes I wore earlier in the day to Gig On The Green - my denims and a black top - so I didn't feel dressed up.

"He picked me out of the crowd and told me he really wanted to see me and to hang about.

"He said, 'Don't go anywhere'. Then a member of his entourage came up and said, 'Eminem likes you. Would you mind coming back to his hotel. He has to get changed. Then we're going to a nightclub'.

"He promised he would look after me and said that my friend could come as well. We went to the hotel where Eminem had a shower and got changed."

Joy admitted: "We spent the night together. We went clubbing. He is not like he is portrayed. I am a huge fan of Eminem but he is nothing like his songs. He is a true gentleman.

"I found out right away that he was very polite, gentle and caring. He kept asking if I was okay or if he could get me anything.

"He had bouncers watching me everywhere I went in the club. They followed me about even when I went to the toilet. He was just being kind and caring.

"There was a bit of a spark. Soon we were kissing in the club. He seemed very open and was not at all arrogant."

Earlier in the day, Joy and her pal, 18-year old Catherine Cameron, were standing in the crowd when they were invited to join a party being held by Marilyn Manson.

But they waited for a better offer.

They loitered on the perimeter of the VIP backstage arena.

Joy said: "We saw lots of people crowded around who were asking for autographs. Out of curiosity, we asked who the band were. They told us they were from The Cult.

"We'd never heard of them so we weren't very interested.

"Then a guy called Carlos, a band assistant with Papa Roach, asked us if we wanted to go backstage. He gave us green All Access passes which meant we could come and go as we wanted.

"We were talking to Papa Roach. We were chilling out with them and told them we had come to see Eminem. They gave us passes to go onstage.

"After the gig, Eminem's manager told us to hang around because Eminem didn't want us to go. So we waited.

"Eminem rushed off the stage and took off in a people carrier with blacked out windows and we were told to follow in the tour bus.

"When we arrived at the Arthouse Hotel, Eminem was nowhere to be seen and we sat around with the crew eating M&Ms and drinking ice tea.

"When he came down he looked pretty cool. He was wearing really baggy red tracksuit pants, a red top and matching bandana. It was quite exciting as he looked just like he does on stage."

The girls were then driven to the Cube club where they spent the night drinking cocktails in the VIP lounge.

Joy said: "I knew he fancied me but it was just a really good night. I feel we had a lot in common.

"We talked about relationships and he told me how difficult it was for him to have a serious relationship because of his fame. But I wasn't disappointed. I knew the score.

"He told me he had a girlfriend in March but it didn't work out. I'm a huge fan of Eminem. He said he was going over to America to spend 10 weeks making a film about his life and wouldn't be able to come back until the holidays.

"He said he would love to see me again. I'll have to wait and see whether or not that happens.

As the pair kissed and cuddled in Eminem's hotel, the star unwound about his private life, including the trials and tribulations of his recent divorce from Kim Mathers.

He also talked about his daughter Hailie, who he is currently battling to win custody of.

"He told me a lot about his past and talked lots about Hailie.

"I've been walking on air but I was only starstruck for the first 35 minutes. He was so down to earth.

"He was not Eminem. It sounds dead cheesy but I got to know Marshall.

"He wasn't like his songs. He didn't call me bitch or say anything like that."

Joy holds down three part-time jobs including one in a beauty salon and another at Celtic Park.

By contrast, Eminem is renowned as the world's top rap act thanks to hits such as Stan and My Name Is.

Joy said: "I come from Drumchapel and have a happy family. There are no driveby shootings in my neighbourhood. It's all a bit surreal.

"I wasn't another girl in another port because we didn't do anything. Okay, we kissed and stuff, but I was surprised that he didn't try to have sex with me.

"We spent the entire night in his hotel. I was shocked, because I thought he was into all that stuff but he is not a male chauvinist in real life."

"I would never sleep with anyone on the first date. It wouldn't matter if he was the most famous person in the whole world."

The acting student at Langside college is hoping to pursue a career as a singer. She and her pal are forming a duo called Back To Back.

Eminem has also promised to help kick-start her pop career, insisting she record a demo tape and send it to his management company.

Joy left the hotel at 8am for a quick shower and change of clothes, then returned to spend time with the rapper before he flew off to perform at the Reading festival.

His new Scottish friend was invited - but had to say no.

Joy said: "We exchanged phone numbers and that was that. He told me he would see me again when he was next in town. I can't wait.

"I consider him to be a good friend more than anything else. It's a great opportunity and I have no regrets."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 28, 2001
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