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FINANCE Minister Charlie McCreevy yesterday admitted he regretted the "torture" former judge Hugh O'Flaherty was put through following his controversial nomination to a top European post.

Mr McCreevy, who put forward O'Flaherty's name, said: "The biggest regret I have would be the torture that I put him and his family through.

"It has been a very unpleasant year for them. My nomination certainly brought upon them bad commentary the like of which I have never seen nor could have ever anticipated."

But Mr McCreevy said he never considered resignation in the face of public criticism after he nominated the Sheedy scandal judge for the pounds 147,000 a year post.

He said: "I knew there would be discussion about it but no-one was able to forsee how much.

"I was wrongly accused of lobbying for him behind the scenes. And for a time I was urged to withdraw the name.

"But I never considered resignation. It just never crossed my mind."
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Author:Roberts, Joe
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2000
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