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there's a good chance I'll be able to continue to see top-notch music and the like at the place where I was lucky enough to witness my first on-stage shebang (Sunday for Sammy, if you're interested) as the tender age of six months. Newcastle City Hall looks set to remain the bass-thumping heart of its namesake. And if that's not worthy of a maraca shake, I don't know what is.

dark nights aren't forever they're just for Christmas (plus a few weeks either side) Malteser Bunnies (MB) can pretty much get Daddy out of anything in our house. Even though Mum was the one who bought him the ticket, I could sense the underlying resentment as he and Gramps went off to watch a football match on the day apparently sponsored by red hearts. By the time he came home though, all was well because the MB fridge fairy had returned and replenished the compartment reserved for chocolates of the Thumper-tribute variety. Harmony and contentment were quickly restored.

constipation is less than fun.

Stock up on your fibre, kids, and remember water is your friend.

I still have some teeth to cultivate. And here was me thinking I was all done. This week, my cheeks have been worthy of the breathy 'hot' warning sound usually reserved for cups of tea and the oven door. Not a whole lot laughs have been had, but on the plus side, I'm a couple of gnashers closer to putting paid to a stick of celery.

how to navigate the underfours area at our new soft play of choice. Since the demise of Adventurelands we've been frequenting a new joint they call Round the Twist. I'm usually not one for embracing change but I've put those tendencies to one side and can now demonstrate a trio of distinct slide dismounts, unaided.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 16, 2013
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