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I LIKE MAKE JIGGY WITH CARLA; Borat gets frisky with TV reporter.

Byline: By Mark McGivern

SCOTS TV reporter Carla Romano's interview with Borat was cut after the Kazakhstan cultural envoy made jiggy jiggy with her.

GMTV bosses had to axe most of the episode for fear it would offend their family audience.

Carla's report from LA turned into chaos when the character played by Sacha Baron Cohen grabbed her and grappled her on to his lap.

But the worst of it could not be screened.

Carla said: "The interview was so rude - it was complete unadulterated filth.

"I was trying to keep a straight face and play it straight. He was in character.

"He got a little bit frisky and managed to grab me and I ended up on the man's lap.

"I think he fancied anything with a pulse.

"I wasn't particularly flattered but he has the strength of an ox and there was no point in trying to resist him." And she lamented the fact it was seedy Borat who made a play for her and not some of the hottest men in the world she has recently interviewed.

She said: "I have never had an interview like this in my life.

"It could have been Brad Pitt or George Clooney...but it was Borat."

Fellow Scot Jenni Falconer, who anchored GMTV in London, told her:

"Well done, you're very brave.

"I was scared, too, when he came in here."

A spokeswoman for GMTV stressed that the interview had been great fun and was censored because Borat's lewd antics were unsuitable for a family audience.

She said: "We wouldn't dare go live with something like this. In the end, Borat was simply being Borat.

"Carla told the producer she'd had a brilliant time with him. She is a big fan."


GET A GROPE: Borat lunges at GMTV's Carla
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 1, 2007
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