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I HAVE rarely seen [...].

Byline: Susan Lee Telling it like it is

? I HAVE rarely seen a more eclectic audience than the one at this week's Olly Murs concert at the ECHO arena.

In front of us were three pre-teens and their mums, next to a mid-20s woman in a knock 'em dead outfit with her slightly geeky boyfriend and behind us a pair of women who wouldn't see 70 again.

And all of them were having a rare old time, indicative of Mr Murs' universal appeal.

The noise level, as you might expect, was phenomenal.

Mind you, One Direction are there this weekend which means if you live in a five mile radius of the arena I'd be purchasing some earplugs, and quick.


STAR: Harry Styles
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 15, 2013
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