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I HATE CHARLES; His mother let my brother die, says the wife of harpoon raider.

THE woman whose husband threatened Charles with a harpoon gun told last night how she hated the prince.

As full details of the security scare emerged for the first time, Evi Zakou claimed she and 53-year-old husband Lefteris chased Charles in an inflatable dinghy in protest at the execution of her brother by the British.

The couple spotted him near their holiday home on the eastern Aegean island of Nisiros.

Mrs Zakou, 50, claimed her brother was hanged in 1956 after the Queen refused to grant him a pardon. He was one of several Greek Cypriots put to death in Nicosia for their part in the uprising against British rule.

She said: "I hate the Royal Family but not the British or its government. I saw Charles in his yellow bathing trunks on board a small boat and made a point of trying to reach him to tell him his mother let my brother die.

"I was supposed to be getting ready to celebrate my 50th birthday but I can never forget it comes three days after they murdered my big brother

Andreas, and he would have been celebrating with me but for her." Unknown to her, the prince had activated a security alarm which alerted his bodyguard, Inspector Peter Brown.

He was nearby with the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra, and leapt into the sea to protect Charles.

Mrs Zakou alleged Inspector Brown then threatened her with a gun during Thursday's confrontation. Scotland Yard dismissed the claim.

She said: "I got close enough to shout to him that the Queen had killed my brother and said it twice.

"He just ignored me and dived into the sea for a swim.

"Almost immediately, a fast sports boat came over to us and one of the guards leapt into the water and swam to our boat.

"He told us to go away but I said I wanted to speak to His Majesty. He looked very menacing and my husband held up a fishing spear in case we needed to protect ourselves.

"The guard went back to his boat and picked up a gun in its holster and laid it on the seat. I carried on shouting that my brother was a hero of Cyprus who had died for his country and I'm sure Prince Charles heard everything but he just ignored us.

"That made me even more angry. Anyway, I made my point and we headed back to our house. It was well worth it though."

The incident happened towards the end of the prince's 10-day cruise with family and friends, including lover Camilla Parker Bowles and sons William, 17, and Harry, 14.

They were on The Alexander, a yacht owned by Greek billionaire John Latsis.

Speaking to the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Mrs Zakou added: "My brother was wounded in action, shot in the head by a British soldier.

"He was nursed back to health in a British military hospital and then they hanged him.

"The Queen could have pardoned him but she didn't and that's why I hold her responsible."

Last night a spokesman for Scotland Yard rejected claims the protesters were threatened with a gun

He said: "We categorically deny a firearm was produced."
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Author:Kerr, Jane
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 18, 1999
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