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I GOT AWAY WITH MURDER; Gang boss's shock confession to Sunday People... He makes amazing confession over killing to.

Byline: Interview by MIKE RIDLEY

-GANGSTER Charlie Seiga has sensationally confessed to the Sunday People: "I killed a man and dumped his body."

In an astonishing interview, he told how he bludgeoned a boozed-up "psycho" to death. And incredibly he has never been brought to justice for the crime.

The Liverpool gang boss hit the headlines two years ago when he was cleared of shooting dead a local hardman - but was then kidnapped and tortured for 30 hours.

-Seiga, 60 - an old-school villain who claims to wage war on drug-crazed thugs because they prey on innocent people - has always denied being a murderer...until now. Even in his new autobiography Killer - ironically titled after the nickname given to him in a secret police reporta(below) - he does not admit that he's ever taken a life.

-But in an interview with MIKE RIDLEY, as part of our exclusive serialisation of his book, he came clean and admitted he battered a man to death several years ago. His justification is that his victim was a brute who terrorised women and children.

Should Seiga have done it?

Judge for yourself as he tells the story in his own chilling words...

CHARLIE Seiga's appointment with death came in a phone call.

It was from a relative and a close friend. They were absolutely terrified.

In a frantic conversation they explained they were in fear of their lives from a drunken, violent thug who had burst in on them.

The man was a local thug desperate to make a name for himself as a serious villain. He was out of control and would end up killing an innocent life unless he was stopped. And by the time Seiga put down the phone he had already decided to act. He takes up the story...

The man they had with them was a brute whose strength and savagery knew no bounds.

He was like a mad dog, a man without pity for anything or anyone, even women or children. And his violence was escalating...

With a bit of quick thinking the people who had phoned me had managed to spike his drink, knocking him out cold.

I went round to where they all were. I sensed real fear and desperation. We all knew he had to go before he killed someone. There was no doubt about that.

Who would do the killing? The answer was me. I'm not boasting about that, just telling the truth - it had to be done. This man was intent on terrorising the neighbourhood. He had to be dealt with.

My favourite weapon is the knife. I usually wear a glove - the blade is in and out and I can be away before anyone even raises the alarm.

The glove and the knife can easily be got rid of. But knives or guns were out this time. The job had to be done immediately - swiftly and silently. I went to my car and came back with the jack. It was the old type with a very heavy base - an inch thick of solid metal. A blunt, heavy instrument - perfect for the job.

One of the lads got me a large bath towel and placed it over this animal's head as he dozed in the flat.

I crouched low, raised the jack and smashed his skull with one blow. I knew he was dead but to be certain,

I smashed the jack against his skull once more. After the body was put in the boot of my car, I insisted that I dispose of it alone.

It had to happen. I knew the next time this man went into a rage he would kill. The only way to stop him was to kill him.

People disappear all the time, they vanish or go abroad and are never heard of again. There was never an inquiry into this man's disappearance

and I've never told anyone about this until now. I did it because this guy would have killed an innocent person. I was never arrested or charged with that murder.

Despite Seiga's horrific admission, there was no clue in his upbringing that he would end up a crime boss.

His mother was a respectable businesswoman who owned a fish and chip shop in Huyton, Liverpool.

But as a young man Charlie began robbing banks and security vans to buy himself the good things and for thrills.

He has lost count of the number of times he has been in the dock for crimes ranging from robbery to murder. including the shooting of local thug George Bromley.

Most of the cases were dropped because of lack of evidence - and Seiga admits that old enemies were "persuaded" not to appear in court.

But he prides himself on being an old-style villain who respects innocent members of the public. And when he moved to his luxury home in West Derby, Liverpool, yobs desperate for money for crack cocaine were targeting his elderly female neighbours. Seiga says:

These poor, decent old women, many of them widows whose husbands had fought in the war, were being brutally beaten up and tortured in their homes by scumbags.

The old people where I lived were terrified so I went round to reassure them. I gave them my phone number and told them to call me, day or night. I bought the ones who were really scared locks for their bedrooms and fitted them myself. At least they had a chance before I arrived.

In the early hours of one morning an old lady called Muriel who lived two doors away called me sobbing, 'They're in my kitchen'.

I told her to lock herself in the bedroom. I quickly threw my clothes on, tucked a big ball hammer in my belt and jumped over the fence.

I saw one of them halfway through the window. As I jumped over the fence, they both tried to leg it. One escaped but I got the other. I got the hammer and made a mess of him.

When I was charged with the murder of George Bromley many of my neighbours came to court to support me. After I was acquitted, I offered to move to protect these decent people from reprisals.

But they actually asked me to stay because they felt safer with me living nearby.


Liverpool Police Force, 1998'

Merseyside over the years has produced a magnitude of career criminals who were into heavy crime...armed robberies, kidnappings, serious woundings, drug running, lorry heists and contract killings to name just some. One of the names mentioned was that of Charles Anthony Seiga. He was commonly known as Charles Seiga but we had another

name for him-KILLER


SHOT DEAD: Bromley
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