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I FLEW TO OZ FOR DATE ..AND GOT STOOD UP; But Catherine's back with bad boy Bosnich.

Byline: By John Dingwall

MODEL Catherine McQueen yesterday told how she flew halfway round the world to see bad boy goalie Mark Bosnich - and was stood up.

Amazingly, the stunning Scot has agreed to give the former cocaine addict a second chance.

Catherine, 28, whose hopes of Bond girl stardom were dashed when her scenes in Die Another Day were cut, confessed: 'It's really embarrassing. But I always go for wrong 'uns.'

Aussie Bosnich had invited Catherine to visit his family home in Sydney at Hogmanay.

Hurtful But when she got there she found Bosnich, 32, who served a nine-month ban from the Premiership and was axed by Chelsea for his cocaine use, had decided to stay in England.

Despite the hurtful snub, Catherine is now seeing Bosnich again as he tries to resurrect his career by touting himself to clubs.

The Edinburgh-born beauty also has hopes of finally getting her break into films when she begins shooting a movie called Bottoms Up with socialite Paris Hilton - most famed for a home porn video.

She said: 'Bottoms Up will give me a credit needed to get an acting union card in the States and who knows where things will go from there.'

Catherine, who is now presenting the TV show Sky Vegas, says she was fuming at Bosnich after her Australian visit but has now relented. She said: 'We arranged we'd spend New Year together in Australia so I flew out there. He was supposed to meet me in Sydney.

'But he didn't go because he hadn't seen his family for a while and couldn't face it.

'So I was left on my own on Bondi Beach. It's not like someone standing you up at the bus stop, is it? Luckily, I knew people in Sydney. I can't believe I gave him another chance but I have.'

Catherine could be heading into another turbulent relationship - with co-star Paris.

The pair, who start shooting in a week, met for the first time at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Catherine said: 'I thought Paris would be a lot cooler. She comes across as being full of herself. Before you meet someone you can admire the fact that she doesn't care. But it's not the same when you meet someone who is that arrogant.'


PARIS MATCH: Model Catherine McQueen hopes a part in a movie with Paris Hilton will be her big break; OFF HIS MARK: Bosnich failed to show
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 29, 2005
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