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I FACE JAIL IN DUBAI FOR HAVING A BABY; Liz can't go home as she's an unmarried mum.


AN Irish woman fears she can't return to Dubai where she lives because she has had a baby out of wedlock.

Ex-pat Liz Curry, 30, didn't even know she was pregnant when Alexandra was born during a 24-hour stopover in South Africa.

Dubai's strict Muslim laws mean Liz, ex-pat, could now be sent to prison if she goes back to the country where she has lived for eight years.

The penalty for having sex outside marriage is at least three months in prison followed by deportation.

Liz, an air stewardess, said: "I'm on unpaid leave at the moment but I can't go back to work in Dubai - not just because I'm a new mother but also because of the law.

"I'm unmarried so if I'd had the baby in Dubai I would have been arrested and I can't take that risk."

Liz said female cabin crew often have unusual menstrual cycles - she thought her stomach pains were ulcers so began taking tablets. Doctors in Dubai ran urine and blood tests and told her to stay on the medication.

She only found out the truth in her Johannesburg hotel room in January.

Liz, who works for Emirates, said: "The cramps were horrendous and within a few minutes there was a baby.

I was in complete shock."

Alexandra, who was just over 2lb, spent two months in an intensive care unit.

The pair are still in South Africa but the baby's Australian dad, who lives in Dubai and who has been with Liz for two years, has not been able to see them.


STRANDED Liz is stuck in Africa
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 5, 2010
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