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I CONFIRM THEE THIERRY; Anger as children ditch saint names for stars.


FOOTBALLERS and TV sex sirens have replaced saints for Irish children choosing their Confirmation names.

Kids are now plumping for Thierry, Cristiano and Gabrielle - after the saucy Desperate Housewives beauty - instead of holy heroes.

The trend has sparked outrage at a school now crammed full of exotically-named teenagers.

Teachers argue the stars are not suitably spiritual role models and want to see the pupils choosing saints' names, as is traditional. One teacher at the school in Killaloe, Co Clare, said: "Children used to pick a Confirmation name to mark the new direction they were taking in life.

"This is a trend I have noticed in the last few years and we have to stop it.

"It has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and it would probably be better to get rid of Confirmation names rather than allow this to continue."

The Church prefers children to choose a saint whose example they would like to follow - that saint would then become the child's protector.

Many children simply chose the saint whose feast day fell on their birthday.

Now, however, boys want to be confirmed as Thierry, after Arsenal superstar Thierry Henry, and Cristiano, after Man United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

And many girls are going for Gabrielle - after the sexy TV character played by Eva Longoria - famous for cheating on her husband.

Teachers admitted they are powerless to put an end to the fad after children found a loophole.

One said: "We reminded them they should choose the name of a saint as their Confirmation name.

"So Thierry changed his name to Theo, after saint Theo, and Gabrielle became Gabriel, again after the saint. Cristiano pointed out that his name is the Portuguese for Christopher."

A spokesman for Bishop of Killaloe Willie Walsh said: "The recommendation is there that children choose a saint's name and if one or two have done this [picked a celebrity name] then there's nothing we can do.

"It is up to the children, their parents and teachers to help them follow the recommendation."


SEXY: Eva Longoria as Housewife Gabrielle
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 15, 2006
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