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I Brought Home a Hermit Crab in His Shell.

 I set him up in a fat glass jar
with other shells he can move
into. Serve him cut carrots
and kale. I figured he was
having the time of his life,
feeling nothing
of winter in my bathroom
with the heat cranked.
Tacked a map of his island
behind his jar. Named him
 so he might not be
It was my say-so,
my playing God.
I'm the gull he hid from.
Put in sea salts which
only made him scratch
at air. I tried dirt
from my tomato plant
he didn't seem to care.
I suppose he needed
the very island I took him from.
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Author:Ivy, Alexis
Publication:Atlanta Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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