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I BOUGHT KID SEX BOOK BY MISTAKE; Toff's excuse to Thai court.

A brilliant Scots scholar yesterday told a court in Thailand he bought a paedophile book in error.

Former public schoolboy James Fraser Darling said he thought the sick publication was a book of short stories for children.

He claimed: "I kept it because I am an educator and a teacher.

"Very little on the subject is known and, as a teacher, I should know about this aspect of child psychology.

"I should be aware, just like a doctor studies medicine."

Fraser Darling, 47, son of naturalist Sir Frank Fraser Darling, denies 18 charges.

These include separating "sea gypsy" boys from their parents and committing indecent offences with them.

The offences are alleged to have happened on boat trips while he was a teacher at a university on the Thai island of Phuket.

But Fraser Darling denied playing sexual games with the boys, aged eight to 14.

He claimed the boys, many of whom ran around naked, befriended him and begged for food and that he wanted to help them.

He said: "I took them on the boat trips because they lived in a dirty slum. I thought I could give them one day a week away from that slum. The parents always knew."

He claimed pictures of naked boys were taken at their request, or taken by other boys using his camera.

Fraser Darling, who the Phuket court heard had a distinguished academic background, said that the boys who complained were the ones he would not allow on his weekend boat trips.

The trial continues.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 22, 1997
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