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I Advocate ...: here is what designer and TV show host Isaac Mizrahi is passionate about this month.

... ASPCA. I don't know why, but animals touch my heart more than anything ... at least dogs do. I revert to 9 years old. A homeless person is really sad, but a homeless person with a dog gets $20, you know what I mean? I always participate in the Bergh Ball that the ASPCA has annually, and this year I am emceeing it. It's a really fun night, but it's also a really important night. I have a dog, and my boyfriend has a dog, and they're brothers-well, brothers-lovers, 'cause, you know, they do hump each other occasionally. (



... XANAX. I found Xanax about a year ago because I was on Ambien, like every other New Yorker I know, and I started doing really loopy things. My shrink said maybe we should start trying something else. And Xanax doesn't really put you to sleep; the point is you don't really give a shit--you're just, like, awake and so happy. No cares or woes.


... THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK. I'm the biggest fan of that show. I think someone needs to write a musical or, like, an opera using one of the episodes. I usually get home too late, so I watch it from, like, midnight to 2 A.M., and then I get very excited and I can't fall asleep, so accompanied by a Xanax the show is completely out of this world. I can't tell if I like the Xanax so much or the show--probably a combination of both.


... SWIMMING. I swim every morning and think everybody should swim, but not at the pool I go to. I wasn't swimming when I was taping The Fashion Show because of the schedule, and I gained so much weight. New I'm pretty much back to my normal huge size. I mean, I still want to lose a hundred pounds. Maybe not 100, but I want to lose 50 pounds; then I would weigh what I did when I was underweight and had, like, anorexia--before it was popular.


.. PEDICURES FOR MENT. I've been noticing that the state of toenails on men is abominable. Pay attention! I go to Bobo's on Avenue of the Americas. Bobo is a nice Korean gentleman who owns a hair salon and has a lot of ladies in the back who do all these crazy pedicures. I like my toenails in different colors, so sometimes I like a fluorescent pink or a goth green or something. The lady who does it, there's no irony. It doesn't occur to her that there's this huge queen in the chair.


TODAY IN NEW YORK. I just love the pre-Today show with Michael Gargiulo and Darlene Rodriguez. I see it every day from 5 A.M. to 7 A.M. I like the idea that there are other people besides me awake that early--with their hair done. I love having an update on the weather and traffic every three minutes even though I don't drive into the city. I like knowing that there's a major accident that I'm not in and that it wasn't me in the three-car collision.


... THE FILM FORUM. I only care about revival movies now--even it's a revival of a movie from two years ago. I can't stand a movie that's out now. There's something about it needing to be vetted through popular culture for me to actually take the time to see it. I'm that way about popular music too. Like I'm just discovering Beyonce Knowles. It takes me a good five to 10 years to believe in popular culture.

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Author:Mizrahi, Isaac
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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