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I've got the hots for DRWHO ..but I want to flirt with DR NEW; Saucy secrets of telly's dalektable flirty mum.


SHE'S the sexy mum who saunters around in a dressing gown to flirt with Christopher Eccleston in telly's Doctor Who.

And actress Camille Coduri admits she can't wait for the Timelord's next regeneration - so she can try to fiddle with new doc David Tennant's sonic screwdriver as well!

Blonde Camille, 40, who plays Billie Piper's naughty mum Jackie Tyler in the hit show, said: "Fans really like the flirty thing with me in the dressing gown with the Doctor. Jackie definitely has the hots for him. She loves the company of men and is always looking for Mr Right."

And that flirting is set to continue, despite Eccleston's decision to quit the role after just one series. Casanova star Tennant, 34, will become the tenth Doctor next year.

Camille said: "I'm really excited about David being the next Doctor. He's a brilliant choice and it helps that he's really sexy!

"Christopher Eccleston was superb. Sometimes I'd have to look away because he'd make me laugh so much. It's a shame he's not doing the second series but people forget he'd been working on it for practically a year. I don't blame him for wanting to move on.

"David Tennant will bring a different dimension to it and he and Billie Piper will work brilliantly together."

Camille's rise to sci-fi icon comes after she survived a brush with death closer than anything the Doctor has endured. Four years ago she was almost killed by a liver tumour. The mum-of-two was originally struck down by a bug called Yerfinia which attacks the liver.

She spent two weeks in hospital on antibiotics but still felt ill after the treatment. Camille said: "Looking back, I'd felt unwell for years. I was constantly tired and kept getting terrible migraines. Then one day I collapsed during Sunday lunch with my family. I was in terrible pain. I felt like my body was filling up inside."

Camille was taken to hospital where doctors found a benign liver tumour which had ruptured and caused internal bleeding. Surgeons stopped the flow of blood and severed the main artery from the liver to the tumour. "It could have gone either way at that point," she recalled with a shudder.

"If my liver had ruptured it would have been curtains. I later found out my husband had been rehearsing how to tell the kids that I wasn't coming home. It was very scary. The tumour couldn't be removed then because my body was too weak.

"In November 2001, once my body had settled down, I had a five-and-a-half hour op to remove the tumour and half the liver.

"My consultant said, 'Your belly-dancing days are over baby!' But I didn't care. I've got a huge scar down the middle but I made a rapid recovery. I'm so lucky to be here."

Now fully recovered, Camille has been overwhelmed by the feedback she's got from the show's 10 million fans. "I get all sorts coming up to me in the street, including kids who want to talk about Doctor Who. I've even had people quoting my lines."

And Camille has nothing but compliments for 22-year-old Billie who, in her first major acting role, plays her screen daughter Rose.

She said: "Billie really shines. She's one of the leading actresses of her generation - divine, funny and witty."

Camille's quite happy to let her daughter Rosa, 12, and son Sonny, nine, watch - despite criticism of the scary storylines. Camille said: "My kids think it's the best thing on TV - not because I'm in it - but because it looks so slick and they like to be scared. But I always supervise my youngest because he takes a lot on board."He was quite upset two weeks ago because Rose had left me to go off in the Tardis with the Doctor. He was worried about me so I had to tell him it's only Telly."

Camille has a lot in common with Jackie, adding: "I'm very protective of my children. I'm also a bit gobby and Jackie can be too.

"But she can be emotional and tearful and I'm not really a tearful person. And running away from monsters is something I just wouldn't do - I'm all for a punch-up with the aliens!"

Camille was born and brought up in Wandsworth. She married Servants star Christopher Fulford 12 years ago and they live with their kids in south London.

Camille played Martin Kemp's wife in Family and has also starred in Tom Jones, Trial And Retribution and Nuns On The Run.

And after surviving her tumour, Camille is grateful to be alive, let alone starring in Britain's top sci-fi drama. She said: "I feel better than I have for years. It makes you put things into perspective.

"I live for today because you never know what's round the corner."

Only in Camille's case, it might just be some Daleks...


CO-STARS: From left, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 1, 2005
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